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no, men do not have the eternal parts to carry a baby fetus.


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No. A male to female transgender person does not have a uterus or ovaries, so it is not possible to get pregnant.

It is not possible for a man (human male) to become pregnant.

No. You have to have your period to become pregnant and you have to have a male figure

No! It is not possible without a male Guinea Pig.

No. Not biologically possible.

Yes! It's also possible for him to get a mouse pregnant just after she gives birth too.

Its possible but Iwould not recommend doing it.

The male seahorses, seadragons and the pipefish can become pregnant. It is theoretically possible for human males to have an ectopic pregnancy, but it would be extremely difficult.

it is possible. it can only be possible if BOTH the female and male have hit puberty.

it has not yet been proven but it is possible as the male leaks sperm before he ejaculates so there for it is possible but is a confusing question

It is possible - the offspring would be called a 'geep'.

No, whichever dog she mates with first will have a chance for puppies. If she is not pregnant from the first dog, then it is possible for her to get pregnant from the second dog. But it is not possible for her to get pregnant with both dogs.

Yes, it is possible to become pregnant from male semen being brushed into you from the outside.

No, a male cannot get pregnant.

Sorry - that's not possible ! If you bought your gerbil from a pet store - chances are it had contact with a male before you got it.

Men don't get pregnant, they haven't got the required body parts for it. There has been a female-to-male transgender who became pregnant, but that person had still kept the uterus etc - which someone born male - wouldn't have, which was what made that possible.

No, it is either a female if it is pregnant or an over fed male ! Just a fun fact, male seahorses get pregnant, but that is about the only animale where the male does.

Male has no ovaries to get pregnant only sperms in his testies to get pregnant u need eggs in womb which is absent in male

Yes. Male seahorses get pregnant instead of females.Yes. The male gets pregnant instead of the female.

Not possible, to create a baby you need an egg and a sperm.

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