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== == What is this "Chemical Reaction" info here? What chemical? Is it a mix of neurotransmitters? Is within time, the first emotion they would actually feel is infatuation. They are stirred by everything you do and say and want to know more. Love is not something that is grown overnight or from a look. True physical love is nurtured and cultivated over many emotions together.

Answer Being casual friends is in a way a relationship. It gives one the opportunity to really get to know the other person until there is sufficient reason to fall in love.. I have been married for fifty four years and the first time I saw my wife it was long enough for my heart to leap inside my chest, and we had never had any sort if relationship. That was a wonderful experience that was to come. Love, having been built up over a period of time makes it firm and unmovable. But then, as in my case, it can be instant. friendly answer: Yes, it is!

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What does A relationship between me and him will never be just a casual flingmean?

When someone refers to something as not just a casual fling then chances are they want more and would never think that your relationship is less than that.

With whom are the strongest relationship bonds?

Mostly your friends , you can have boyfriends with strong relationships but you can never have as a good relationship with you friends (:

Is it possible to stop lying to your friends?

It is possible. To stop lying just tell them the truth from now on. If they can't accept you for who you are then they were never your real friends.

Would it work if you started a relationship with a good friend that is the opposite sex?

its never really good to start a relationship with a friend they usually end bad with you not being friends anymore. but also look at it as you are in a relationship you are friends why go further if you are good friends

Is Adam sevani and Miley Cyrus are in the relationship?

Omg they never dated, they are just friends

What is the best way to tell your boyfriend you would like to be friends?

as soon as possible. Never drag the relationship longer than necessary. The best thing to do is to do it upfront and in person. Honesty is always best.

What should i do if said that i had a boyfriend and i don't?

1.If possible you could pretend you never said that 2.Find one! 3.But if you're not allowed then pretend to be in a relationship with one of your guy friends that you can trust.

Is it possible to hate someone?

yes it is possible but you should never take ity out on any of you friends or anyone else

Can a man amn women be true friends if they were in a relationship once ago?

no it will honestly never be the same coming from a guy's perspective. if your relationship really meant something to either of you one of you will always think about that relationship, henceforth it is never the same

Does staying friends with an ex work?

NO. Trust me when I say this. I tried being friends with my ex (we were good friends before the relationship), but it never worked out. We eventually got back into a relationship and it just didn't work that way either. Save yourself the hurt, and don't try to be friends with them.

Why do ladies never come out straight at the beginning of a relationship?

In case the relationship doesn't work, you won't know much about them to brag about to your friends. Ladies have secrets and when the relationship is sreious they will tell all or most of it.

What do you do if you love your ex but he still wants to be friends?

Try not to contact him. You will never really be friends with someone you love. Imagine them telling you about their next relationship. I don't think you want to be in that situation.

How many girls does joey friends sleep with?

Joey on the shoe Friends plays a ladies man. They never said how many women the character had a relationship with throughout the time it was aired.

What is the relationship between you and the siblings you never had?

If you never had siblings, you have no one to have a relationship with.

Should you be friends?

Well, it depends on what you mean. "Should you be friends after a relationship is ended?" It's all in how the relationship ended. Usually, it's one-sided and after something like that, it's never the same. If it was a mutual break-up though, I'd go for it.

Can Hannah Montana be justin bierber's girlfriend?

I'm sure that it's possible but they have never had any prior relationship contact.

Is Ashley massaro batista wife?

No Ashley And Batista Have Never Been in Any Type Of Relationship Other then just being friends.

Has Taylor Swift dated nick Jonas?

no they never dated.theres no relationship between those two.there just friends and they have a friendship of course.

Did tyler perry and gelila bekele break up?

They never dated. They are simply good friends. Gelila is in a relationship with Ronnie Madras.

What is a platonic friendship?

This means there is no sex in this relationship.Platonic friendship is strictly just friends and never involves anything like making out.

What must one do with arrogant and rude people?

Of course it depends on your relationship with these people. If the relationship is casual, such as a neighbor, coworker, school mate, etc., you have as little interaction with them as is possible. When it's not possible to avoid them, you treat them politely, with respect but without making commitments or creating an emotional involvement. If they're people close, such as family members or extended family, that you can't avoid at all, use the same manner of interaction with them. Never respond in kind to their behavior and never become involved in a situation that you will need to depend on them. They are who they are, you can't change them. When you do need to 'put up' with them, do so with your own best behavior.

What to do when your girlfriend wants to be friends with her ex?

Usually, when a girl just wants to be friends with someone, they just want to be friends. Girls never have ulterior motives behind their actions. And being in a relationship is trusting the other person, so you do nothing.

I am 20 and never been in a relationship is it possible to never find a boyfriend please don't bring anything religious into your answer cause it's getting annoying?

That is sad. Very Sad,

What country is it okay to arrive late to a meeting?

It is never okay to arrive late to a meeting that is of a business or professional nature. Perhaps a casual meeting with family and friends could excuse a tardy arrival however.

Should an 11 yr old have a boyfriend?

No, you can never have a serious relationship at that age. I think it's great to have friends who are guys but not boyfriends. From Blubberisgross

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