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Is it possible for a man to fall in love with you if you are casual friends but have never had any kind of relationship?



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== == What is this "Chemical Reaction" info here? What chemical? Is it a mix of neurotransmitters? Is within time, the first emotion they would actually feel is infatuation. They are stirred by everything you do and say and want to know more. Love is not something that is grown overnight or from a look. True physical love is nurtured and cultivated over many emotions together.

Answer Being casual friends is in a way a relationship. It gives one the opportunity to really get to know the other person until there is sufficient reason to fall in love.. I have been married for fifty four years and the first time I saw my wife it was long enough for my heart to leap inside my chest, and we had never had any sort if relationship. That was a wonderful experience that was to come. Love, having been built up over a period of time makes it firm and unmovable. But then, as in my case, it can be instant. friendly answer: Yes, it is!