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Yes, I think it's possible. Some women can love two men. No, not actually truly and completely in love with two women in a relationship. They can be in serious lust, but not true committed love. This applies to both sexes.

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Can you love a married man?

Yes, some women can fall in love with a married man, but once there was a code among women that if a man was married it was 'hands off!' A mistress does not fair well if she decides to have an affair with a married man and the wife generally wins out.

Is a real love possible between man and man?

Yes it is possible. Anyone can love anyone.

Will a longdistance relationship work between a Pisces women and Libra man?

yes it will once they love eachother there will be hope.

Do men hit on women they love?

Yes, but they also hit on women that they don't love. It differs from man to man and woman to woman.

What do women love in a man?

They like a man who is big in the pants.

If a man can't love anyone is it possible at all to get him love you?

If a man tells you he cannot love anyone, move on.

What parts of a man's body do women love?

That would depend on the man and the type of women checking the man out

Is it possible to fall in love with a gay man?

It's possible to fall in love with anyone! The tricky part is when they're not in love with you.

Can a man love another woman while living with his girlfriend?

Yes, a man can love two women at once, but it is hardly fair to either so you are going to have to make a choice as to which woman you feel you love the most. Cheating is absolutely unacceptable and it will end up hurting both these women if man does not make up their mind immediately and a high risk he could lose them both.

Is it illegal for a man to be married to 2 women at once?


Does a woman love touching a man?

Well unless the women is homosexual then yes a women loves touching a man.

Doese women love there own children more than man whom they love?

Most women do love their children more than a man. However, it is really different for each woman.

Is it possible for a straight man to fall in love with a man?

It is possible. But if it is a love with sexual desire, you may be bi-sexual. But if you love a male like a brother, than that is what you call a REAL friend.

Does Randy Fenoli love women or man?


Is it possible to fall in love with a man who will never love you?

Yes. You can love someone if they don't love you back

Why do man LOVE woman breast?

There are many reasons. 1. When a man start making love with a women. after kissing the first thing which touch with his body is breast. 2. Breast increase the interest of man in women. 3. When you are going to make love, it is the best toy in a women body to play with.

Why does a man needs to love and to be love?

Love is not a need, it happens. True love comes in life once.

Can a man fall in love with a man and not be gay?

Opinion:noAnswer:It is quite possible to love another man in a non-sexual way. The phrase "falling in love" does not necessarily mean that the love is expressed sexually. Sex is one possible result of love, not the only possibility, and not in any way a mandatory conclusion.

Is it possible to love another man considering your already married woman?

Yeah it is possible. The thing is when you are not satiisfied with your partner emotionally, physically & pyschologically; you (especially women)tend to have extra martial affairs just to get the true love & affection that you are not been able to get it from your present partner. This thing goes for women only. Though 99% women go for extra marital affairs for all these love related problems but 1% of women go for affairs only for sex.

When a man releases the com does it all go into the women?

how fast can a man make love

Can a man unmarried man love a married women he is having affair with?

no that is called cheating

Does women love a man of high self esteem?


What is the number one thing a women likes in a man?


How does a women get pregnancy?

When a man and a women love each other very very much, they decide to..

Can a man that says he has fallen out of love with you fall back in love with you?

depends on the person but it is possible