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Probably not. You should go see a doctor and find out if you are pregnant again. Or why you are getting a positive result if you aren't.

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Q: Is it possible that an EPT would give a false positive 5 months after having a baby?
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Is it possible to get syphilis test results both positive and negative?

It is not possible with 1 test to have both positive and negative. It is possible, but NOT likely, to get a false positive or false negative on a test.

Is it possible for a pregnancy test to detect a false positive?

A false positive is very rare but it is possible. It is a LOT more common to get a false negaive than a false positive. The best thing for you to do, is to do another pregnancy test. If the test is still positive then you are pregnant and should see your doctor.

If you had a negative chlamydia test three months before a positive test does this mean you contracted it within those three months?

There are a few possible explanations. The most likely is that you contracted chlamydia within those three months. Another possibility is that you got the first test so soon after infection that it could not yet be detected. A false negative or false positive test is another possible explanation.

Is it possible to get false-positive or false-negative when testing HIV?

Yes. Both are quite possible.

How is it possible to test positive to coke without actually doing it?

Certain kidney and liver diseases will cause a false positive. Also possible triggers for a false positive are diabetes, Amoxicillin, or tonic water.

Why does ibuprofen give a false positive reading for THC?

Not possible.

If you have false positive test results once are you more likely to have them again?

No; having a false positive test result once you are not more likely to have it again.

Is it possible to have a false positive home pregnancy test and blood test?

If your blood test came back positive then it is positive.

Is it possible to get a false-positive or a false-negative ion result when testing for ions?


Can you get a false positive in a drug urine test?

Yes, it is possible to get a false positive. There are certain medications that can cause you to test positive for THC, mainly antiretroviral medication, even though there is no actual THC present in your body. It is also possible for a urine drug screen to be faulty and give a false positive, however this is unlikely. They will then re-test the same urine with a new test to determine if this was indeed the cause of a false positive.

Is it possible to get a false urine test but positive blood test?


Is it possible for nexium to give a false positive pregnancy test result?


Is it possible to have 2 out of 3 positive pregnancy tests be false?

A false positive pregnancy test is extremely rare, so I would say no, if the tests read positive you are most likely pregnant.

Can you miss your period two months and get a negative hpt?

Yes, you can get a false negative with a hpt. On the other hand you can not get a false positive with a hpt.

Can you get a positive if not pregnant in a first response pregnancy test?

False positives are possible.

How do you beat a false positive?

you can have a false negative but NOT a false positive

What is difference between false negative and false positive?

A false negative indicates that a person may not have a disease that is being checked for or that the person may not be pregnant. Having a false positive would be the opposite showing that the person does have a disease or could be pregnant.

What do you do if pregnancy tests give different results?

It is likely that you are pregnant. It is possible to have false negative results, but unlikely to have a false positive.

Can two different pregnancy tests show a false positive?

It is possible, though rare.

Will phentermine give a false positive for a biometric screening?

Phentermine can possible give a false positive on a biometric screening. Phenterime is a schedule IV controlled substance with characteristics that mimic amphetamines.

What are the chances of a false positive chlamydia result?

Depending on the test, there is about a 5% chance she is right and 95% chance she is not telling the truth.The rates of false negative and false positive chlamydia tests for various types of tests are as follows (see related link):Chlamydia culture (rarely done): 0% false positive, 15-30% false negative.Swab with DFA: less than 1% false positive; 15-20% false negativeBecton-Dickinson NAAT cervical swab: 1.9% false positive, 10.3% false negativeBecton-Dickinson NAAT female urine: 1% false positive; 19.5% false negativeBecton-Dickinson NAAT male urine: 1.6% false positive 5.5% false negativeGen Probe NAAT cervical swab: 1.9% false positive; 5.8% false negativeGen Probe NAAT vaginal swab (e.g. self administered): 1.6% false positive; 3.3% false negativeGen Probe NAAT female urine: 1.1% false positive; 5.3% false negativeGen Probe NAAT male urine: 0.9% false positive; 3% false negativeIt is possible to test positive for chlamydia but be negative.Less than 2% false positive with chlamydia test.

You had a positive pregnancy test around 3pm yesterday and then you took it twice 10 am this morning and it said negative you still have no period are you pregnant?

Well it is possible for a false positive and it's possible for a false negative, the safest way to be sure is to get a blood test.

Is there a false positive with ept?

yes there is a false positive! I have two kids and about 2 months ago I though I was pregnant again. I took the ept and it was positive, then I took another one the following morning and it was negative so I made a doctors appointment and I was not pregnant!

Can you get a false positive by having soap on it?

It's doubtful but I would test again with a clean test.

When ions having a positive charge form bonds with ions having a negative charge the charge on the resulting compound is negative.?