Is it possible that you can build your own pocket bike?

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Q: Is it possible that you can build your own pocket bike?
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Where can you ride a pocket bike in California?

you can not ride a pocket bike on the sreet only on your own property, in a parking lot, and if you have permition to ride in some body elses propert you can.

Is it illegal to ride a 49cc pocket bike on the sidewalks without a driver's license?

It depends on the state, but usually in most of America it is legal to own a pocket bike, but not ride it on public streets.

How do you build you own bike?

Buy the parts, stick them together.

How old do you have to be in order to own a super pocket bike?

no certain age to own and ride but there is an age limit to buy

Can you build a bike rack in your backyard?

Yes, with some PVC piping and instructions easily found on the internet, it is quite possible to make a great bike rack. It will also be custom-made to your own car, which is always a bonus.

Can you build your own bmx bike on the computer if so what site?

no u cant

Is their any websites to build your own pocket rocket?

i dont think so loser

Is it possible to design and build you own aquarium?


Are pocket bikes legal to drive in new york?

"Mini Pocket Bikes" are legal to drive in New York!Mini pocket bikes are used both for transportaion and having the thrill ofriding a motorcycle without the high-cost of buying a real one."IF HE/SHE IS RIDING A "MINI POCKET BIKE" THAT PERSON has to BE WEARING === A HELMET IF HE/SHE FAILS TO DO SO HE WILL BE SUMMONED A TICKET"-HE/SHE MUST BE 11 YEARS OR OLDER TO RIDE THIS MINI POCKET BIKE!!THE MINI POCKET BIKE CAN BE DRIVEN ON THE FOLLOWING PLACES:-PUBLIC ROAD!-SIDEWALK(WATCH FOR PEOPLE AND CARS ENTERING AND LEAVING DRIVEWAY)-ANY LOCAL PARK WITH BIG OPEN FIELDS!-THESE LITTLE MOTORCYCLES ARE STREET LEGAL IN ALL OF THE FIVE(5) BOROUGHS!!THIS IS FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY!Mini pocket bike are legal to own and also ride in new York city And the pocket bike also has to be EPA Approved and Certified RIDE SAFELY!!I HOPE THIS LINK WAS HELPFULL CODE Fi092364

Can you ride a pocket bike without a licence in Florida?

Yes you have it licensed at the dmv inless,if the pocket bike is over 110cc you can not get it licensed in Florida.Uless if you consider to move to California you can drive them without a drivers license.And on the other hand you have to have papers stating that you own and can drive in on street or it's considered illegal.You can drive a pocket bike if your 13 years and older only if one of your family members has it registered.

Where can you ride a pocket bike in new jersey?

nowhere its illegal everywhere...but on your own rules you CAN ride ANYWHERE! just dont get caught by the cops.

Do you need a license in California to ride a pocket bike?

It depends if it has a headlights and blinkers you need one to ride it. But if it doesn't you can ride it on your own property.

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