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Yes it is possible, but not recomended. The fuel heater on your IDI is designed to be a starting aid only. Running it for extended periods, even as much as 15 seconds, will overheat it, and burn it out. It is also linked to the glow plug controller, which moniters voltage used. Taking the fuel preheat off of that circut would cause the glow plugs to run longer, and burn those out as well. And yes, it is replaceable, but not available from Ford. Best bet would be a junkyard.

Update -- Yes, Ford engines do have a fuel heater. Mine is leaking at the terminal right now which is what led me to this site. Is it part of the housing, or is it removable? ford engines do not have a fuel heater. the fuel that is not used by engine is returned to fuel tank. this fuel is hot and will gradually heat fuel in tank. you can buy after market fuel heaters to install if your goal is to warm all the fuel (diesel) to keep it from gelling, buy an aftermarket fuel heater that will both plug in like a block heater and then circulates coolant or uses 12 volt power to heat constantly while running. if your goal is to heat veg oil with it, the filter heater will not heat much, it heats enough to clear gelled fuel or frozen water in the filter body only. The replacement fuel filter heater is available from ford for many applications in the $150 range. International truck dealers should have them available also. I have had success with installing a new off the shelf o-ring. the hard part is removing the heater without breaking it.

[Edit:] This is an 88 IDI not a powerstroke. There is no fuel bowl, and there is a fuel heater.

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Q: Is it possible to adjust the fuel filter heater on a 1988 Ford F-250 diesel so that it is almost always on?
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