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Part 1. Yes. examples are credit, mortgage life insurance. Part 2. Probably not, but no guarantees.

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Q: Is it possible to be a beneficiary if you are not part of the immediate family and if so will they know you received a payment?
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Who is responsible for payment of self employment tax on fees received by a professional beneficiary?

The self-employed person who received the fee is responsible for their own income taxes.

How do you change ownership of a life insurance policy when insured is deceased?

Ownership cannot be changed after death. All rights and responsibilities of the owner of the policy end at death of the insured. At death, proceeds will be paid out to the beneficiary and if the method of payment was decided before death then payment is set as well. If payment method is not set then the beneficiary can decide how they want to received payment. There are many ways they can receive payment.

Any statistics on how many life insurance claims are disputed by family members and does the beneficiary dictate payment?

Yes the beneficiary on file gets the payment

How do I get immediate healthcare coverage?

You can get immediate healthcare coverage by contacting an insurance agency and applying immediately. In general, the policy will become active as soon as your first payment is received.

What does payment term immediate mean?

what is immediate mean

Can you receive life insurance payment if your in prison?

Yes. The beneficiary of a life insurance payment can always receive the payment regardless of where he or she is.

How old does a beneficiary have to be for to receive payment from a life insurance policy?

There is no age restriction for a beneficiary on a life insurance policy.

Can the 1st listed beneficiary deny receiving the death payment If so will the 2nd listed beneficiary receive the money?

If the first person who is listed as the beneficiary does not want the payment it will go to the second person listed. If there is no second person listed it will go to the spouse.

What happens when cash is received in payment of an account?

Received cash from a customer as payment on account

Who collects the life insurance if the policy holder and beneficiary have died?

If the beneficiary of a policy has died, the estate of the beneficiary can still collect the insurance payment, assuming that the beneficiary does have an heir or heirs of some kind (as most people do). Note that this is a fairly unusual situation, because normally when a beneficiary dies, a new beneficiary is named. There is no reason to allow the policy to have no living beneficiary, unless the insured and the beneficiary happen to die at about the same time, and there is no time to name a new beneficiary.

What is the definition of a copay?

When a beneficiary is required to make a payment in addition to the amount that will be paid by the insurer, this is called a co-payment, or co-pay for short. The word co-payment is a noun.

What accounts affected in received payment on account?

"what accounts are affected and how when a payment on account is received from a customer

Can you stop a good for payment cheque?

No. A good for payment is automatically paid to the beneficiary upon the maturity of the check. A bank undertakes the responsibility that it will not stop the payment of the check under any circumstances.

What is SWIFT MT 192?

An MT 192 is sent to the beneficiary bank requesting to cancel a payment.

Does an executor of a will get a share of the estate?

Not unless they are a named beneficiary. Otherwise they are entitled to reasonable payment for their services.

If payment terms are payment in 60 days is that legally when payment is sent or when it is received?

When payment is received. But, most lenders offer a grace period for receipt of payments, partially for this reason. Your best bet is to give no less than three days mail time for a payment to be received.

Do tyhey get the money on the show when it isover on thewheel of fortune?

Payment is not immediate

Can A beneficary refuse life insurance benefits?

You can certainly deny the payment, to do this you must sign and file a "Qualified Disclaimer" The payment will then be given to the next beneficiary on the list.

How do you write a letter for payment received?

I have received cheque of Hikal

What are the release dates for Payment Received - 1915?

Payment Received - 1915 was released on: USA: 11 August 1915

What are the release dates for Received Payment - 1922?

Received Payment - 1922 was released on: USA: 8 January 1922

Types of electronic payment system?

1. payment received from your customers 2. payment mode to your suppliers

If the monthly statement is not received where do you send the payment?

If the monthly statement is not received, you still need to send in your payment. If you do not have the address, you need to call your creditor to see where the payment should be mailed to.

Can someone other than the beneficiary forge a signature to receive payment from the insurance company?

No, that person would be charged with both fraud and forgery and be sent to jail. The only legal way someone other that the beneficiary can sign for a payment is if the benificiary is declared incompetant and a court assigns the signing authority to that person or the beneficiary voluntarily signs legal documentation giving someone else that right

What is an intermediary bank?

An intermediary Bank is any Bank through which a payment must go to reach the beneficiary Bank.