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While you would need to complete surgical training in order to become a medical Doctor Who specializes in podiatry, you can choose not to perform surgery in your practice.

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What is the correct plural form of diagnosis?

The correct plural form of the noun diagnosis is diagnoses.

What is the percentage of correct diagnoses made by doctors?

only a docter would know that question

What are the possible problems with speculation?

A possible problem with speculation is that if someone were to speculate on results and get them wrong, then people could be disappointed. When speculations happen, it is hard to determine when they will be correct.

Is best possible a correct grammar?

Yes, "best possible" is correct grammar, as in this sentence: This is the best possible outcome considering the circumstances.

What is an admit diagnosis?

The definition of a Admit Diagnoses is the patients complaint when they appear for service. CC=Chief compliant- Admit diagnoses, Under the HPI which is the H &P it states pt was given a diagnoses of gastroenteritis. that is a working diagnosis for the physician to further follow up. There fore the admitting Dx are the chief complaint diagnoses of fever , vomiting and diarrhea. I would list the codes in the order they document them Does that make better sense? The principal is correct, other is only one secondary and that is dehydration

Is this sentence correct our youth are facing problems?

Yes it's correct.

Is as well as possible correct grammar?

Yes, that is a grammatically correct phrase. You might use it as follows: I answer questions as well as possible.

Is it correct to say as less as possible?

in order to disturb as less as possible

What type of lens are used to correct vision problems?

It depends on what the vision 'problem' is. Convex lenses are used to correct short-sighted errors, while concave lenses correct long-sighted problems.

How does order of operation affect us?

The existence of definite rules for the order of operations makes it possible for us to arrive at both correct answers and wrong answers to our math problems.

On a farm that is quickly losing its topsoil to erosion what are the possible problems to identify and correct?

Fields are left unprotected in the wind Fields are left unplanted for several weeks There are steep hillsides

How do you make a number correct into a percentage?

Divide the number correct by the total possible.

Can a laser eye operation help vision problems?

"Yes, laser eye operation can help vision problems, in some cases. It can correct existing vision problems but may not prevent future vision problems. It may also not be able to correct some vision problems such as blindness."

What is the correct name for Cardiologist?

cardiologist for heart problems

How do you spell possabile?

The correct spelling is "possible"

How do you spell posable?

The correct spelling is "possible"

How do you correct a hernia at home?

It is not possible to correct a hernia at home. Please consult a doctor.

What is the correct grammar roger casement was hanged or was hung in 1916?

Both are possible and correct.

It lacks agreement Possible correct alternatives are He is the one of the men who does the work or He is one of the men who do the workisn't it correct grammar?

The sentence "It lacks agreement Possible correct alternatives are He is the one of the men who does the work or He is one of the men who do the work" are not of correct grammar.

What Problems Rhinoplasty Can Correct?

Rhinoplasty, or cosmetic nose surgery, is one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures in North America. It is designed to correct aesthetic problems of the nose.

If i got 81 on a test that was out of 27 problems how much did I miss?

27 * 81/100 = 22 problems correct -> 5 problems incorrect.

Overworking oneself can lead to which of these problems?

all answers are correct

What was the reason for the constitution conversation?

To correct problems with the articles of confederation

After World War I, Austria's problems were caused by _______.?

all of answer correct

Which of these was made possible by railroad?

all of the above are correct

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