Is it possible to be engaged at a young age?

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Well, it is possible.
But you wouldn't be able to get maried until you are 18 ( 18 is the age of consent).
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Do parents approve of young engagements?

Answer . Most parents do not like young engagements and want their children to get a good education and settled into a good job first.

Is 15 too young to be engaged?

No, not if you love the girl/guy your with. I'm 15 almost 16 and me and my bf(18) are engaged we are however waiting til after he gets back from the army to get married that w

Is 19 years of age too young to get engaged?

Answer . No, but be sure you really know what you want out of life first. Really think hard about it. You obviously love the young man you are with, but once you are marr

Is it possible to get chickenpox from some one who has shingles when you have only had shingles at a young age and not chickenpox?

First, you can't get shingles at any age unless you have previously had chickenpox. Although your chickenpox illness may have been so mild that you didn't notice, a diagnosis

Is engagement at a young age a good thing?

well really no one can answer this question for anybody. your partner and you will know if its right. just if your young and your a guy dont get her pregnant or you will have
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Is it possible if your breast stop and start growing at a young age like 14?

Breasts can grow at any age due to puberty throughout teens, fatdistribution changes in your twenties, weight changes, hormonalchanges, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Equally th
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Are we too young to get engaged?

Well i really don't know because u didn't put ur age, but I soul think that too young for being engaged is around the teen yeast here's a tip for you, no one can give u a spec