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Is it possible to be pregnant with very few symptoms?


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Yes, it is possible to be pregnant with few symptoms. Here is some advice from FAQ Farmers: * It could be possible to be pregnant with few symptoms. Every woman is different, and not everyone's symptoms are alike. If your period doesn't start again, I would wait a week, and retest. If it comes out negative, see a doctor about what is going on with your period. It could be hormones. * It is 28 days from the day your period starts to the first day of your next period! But remember everyone is different! I am 15 weeks pregnant and I didn't have my symptoms until I was about 6 weeks. The only thing I experienced was tiredness and nausea ( I have only thrown up twice and they were both at


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If you had unprotected sex and the symptoms are there, then you are very well pregnant.

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yes. Depending on your body's makeup, you could be pregnant with very few symptoms indeed. Consult your physician immediately.

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Hi Yes this is possible as some women do not experience the common pregnancy symptoms until they are a few months into their pregnancy.

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It is possible that these are symptoms, but to be sure (and in case it's something else that needs attention) I'd go to the clinic and have them check.

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Yes, it's possible, but it's pretty uncommon. Most likely if you have no symptoms you're probably not pregnant. And if you are pregnant, but don't have any symptoms, you might just not be noticing them. But it is possible to be pregnant and not have any symptoms in the beginning. With my first pregnancy, I didn't know I was pregnant until I was talking with a friend and brought up something about period schedules and she is the one who told me I was late. Then looking back, I realized I had some symptoms, I was just busy and didn't expect to be pregnant, so I didn't really notice anything. But I was less than a week late, I would have realized it in a few more days.

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