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Is it possible to connect human race?


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July 20, 2011 7:14PM

When human beings laugh, cry, weep, sympathize and deliquesce, the feelings and the emotions are the same the world over. When we read literature, listen to music and appreciate an art work, the feeling that they are all created by aliens do not come across our minds. The towering human pillars of democracy, socialism and enlightenment do not rouse narrow nationalistic feelings in us, instead we all feel they are our beloved ones. In the modern age when we click a computer mouse and bring answers from all parts of the world, we do not think that the person who asks a question, the person who writes the answer and the person who reads both are not close relatives. Human race and the world is already one in their feelings, emotions and intelligence. But according to the temperature levels of lands, altitudes and crops, the articulation of bones and the texture and colour of the skin and hair are slightly different to adapt to surroundings. And the dialects also are different. But the world nowadays never minds it, and never have in the past. There are more similarities and synchronization to behave each other like brothers than there are differences. Though almost all of us are emotionally and intellectually developed enough to keep no distinctions between each other, a few are not as developed as us. But as time goes on in the present pace, they too would be crushed and tamed as if got in between rotating crushing stones.