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No, after telophase (a.k.a. during interphase) the chromosomes entangle as they replicate however it does again become possible for individual chromosomes to be distinguished in prophase as the chromosomes begin to 'coil up' or condense.

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Q: Is it possible to distinguish individual chromosomes after telophase?
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What if dog made some girl pregnant?

It is not possible to get pregnancy from the dog to human female. Chromosomes do not allow such pregnancy to take place.

How many diploid cells does a honey bee have?

Honey bee queens and workers are diploid and have 16 pairs of chromosomes; drones are usually haploid, with only 16 chromosomes. It is possible for a small number of diploid drones to exist, but only the haploid drones can sire the next generation.

Can a woman get pregnant by a pig?

A human cannot get a pig pregnant. A human has 46 chromosomes and a domestic pig has 38 chromosomes. This is one reason the two could never reproduce.

Can sexual relations between a horse and a person result in pregnancy?

No, the chromosomes between horses and humans are not compatible.That is not possible. A human can only get pregnant by another human, not by an animal of any kind.However, there are ethical and legal issues associated with bestiality. You can actually be arrested for it in many places. Even in the places you cannot be arrested, it is widely considered to be animal abuse.

What is heterozygouz?

Many organisms contain two copies of each chromosome, and generally these two chromosomes are not identical. If a particular trait, such as the shape of a pea, is determined by one particular section of a chromosome, it is possible for the two copies of the chromosome to have different instructions for the trait. If the two sections of the two chromosomes have different instructions, this is called being heterozygous.Often if an organism is heterozygous for a trait, one of the sets of instructions (called an allele) will be dominant over the other. This means that if either of the chromosomes has that dominant version of the allele, that is the set of instructions that will be followed.Examples: The gene for seed shape in pea plants exists in two forms, one form or allele for round seed shape (R) and the other for wrinkled seed shape (r). A heterozygous plant would contain the following alleles for seed shape: (Rr).Organisms have two alleles for each trait. When the alleles of a pair are heterozygous, one is dominant and the other is recessive. Using the previous example, round seed shape (R) is dominant and wrinkled seed shape (r) is recessive. Round: (RR) or (Rr), Wrinkled: (rr).

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What happens to chromosomes during telophase?

By the time the cell is in telophase, the chromosomes have already replicated, condensed, lined up, and migrated to their poles. During telophase the chromosomes are separating as far apart as possible preparing the cell for cytokinesis (division of cytoplasm).

During mitosis DNA molecules unwind?

By the time the cell is in telophase, the chromosomes have already replicated, condensed, lined up, and migrated to their poles. During telophase the chromosomes are separating as far apart as possible preparing the cell for cytokinesis (division of cytoplasm).

Why is it not possible for an individual to have a XY chromosomes?

About half of us DO have an XY chromosome. Males. XX chromosomes are female.

When the new nuclear membrane is forming during telophase is there a risk of injury or damage to the chromosomes?

well as a matter of fact, yes. There is a possible risk of the chromosomes to get damaged. According to my experiment my data says that when the nuclear membrane is forming right before telophase, it is possible for the membranes to collide with the chromosomes which might hurt or injure the chromesome. So, I practically answered your question. Well thank you very much! It was a pleasure to answer your question and it was fun because science is ofcourse my number one favorite subject off all times. well bye-bye

Where is it possible to learn about the telophase stage?

Information about the telophase stage can be located in most any science book. Information can also be located by visiting a local library and inquiring about any possible materials on the subject.

How many assortmants of maternal and paternal chromosomes are possible in human gametes?

There are 23 pairs of chromosomes. This means that during meiosis there are 2 varieties of each chromosome to choose from - one paternal and one maternal. The assortment of individual chromosomes occurs independent of the other chromosomes. There are therefore 23 independent selection events, each with 2 options to choose from - so the total number of possible combinations is 223.

Can you see chromosomes in x ray?

No it is not possible

Is there in relation of karyology with hybridization in plants?

Yes, karyology is the study of chromosome structure and number present in the cells of an individual. Hybridization is possible only with compatible chromosomes of male and female parents.

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7th grade The eight steps of meiosis?

Prophase I: chromosomes start to condense and become visibleMetaphase I: homologous chromosomes line up at equatorial plateAnaphase I: homologous chromosomes separate and move to diferent polesTelophase I: one set of chromosomes arrive at each poleProphase II: chromosomes condense againMetaphase II: individual chromosome line up at equatorial plateAnaphase II: centromere divides, and chromosomes (from chromatids) move to different polesTelophase II: one set of chromosome arrive at each pole.

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