Is it possible to fall back in love with your ex when you are in love with someone new?


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Yes it is because you have formed a bond with your ex and probably haven't had enough time to get over him completely yet. Perhaps the relationship with your ex wasn't all that bad and you just parted company. If your ex was abusive, cheated on you, then don't look back and be glad you have found a new love. Sit down and write down all the good/bad things about your ex and why you split-up. Then on another list write down all the good things about your new boyfriend and all the good things you like about him. You are going to have to come to some decision soon because it's not fair to your present boyfriend. I'm rooting for the latter! Good luck Marcy

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Yes. You can love someone if they don't love you back

Well....there 5-10% chance that it is possible to never fall in love. But I believe that every one of us will fall in love eventually and will have someone to love us back. I believe that there's someone out there for everyone of us. I mean it IS possible, it's just that the chance is very low.

It is certainly possible to fall in love. Love is blind, that's why they say it.

Yes, it is very possible to fall in love with someone after only a week together.

yeah if u really miss that person and cant stop thinking about them

Well if they dont know you they cant fall in love with you and you cant fall in love with someone you dont know.

No! you may have thought it was love, but if you fall out it wasn't love @ all.

Yes. That's why people break up. Someone fell out of love with the other person.

There is no definite answer to whether you are in love with someone. That is something you have to feel. I do, however, think it is possible to fall in love with someone you haven't dated. Especially, if you are good friends with the person.

yes because it that person can sing well and you love songs you'll fall in love with their voice. you can fall in love with their voice eventually the person

you can't! someone has to fall in love with you by their selfs. it can hurt when someone doesn't love you back but that's the way life is!

Yes, for some ex husbands it is possible for an ex wife to fall in love with her husband or, she may have never stopped loving him.

Yes it sure is! It is always possible to fall in love!

Answer You cannot make someone, anyone, fall in love. They either fall in love with someone or they do not.

Yes you can if you just look deep into there eyes and slowly kiss him/her than it's possibleNo, you cannot make someone fall in love with you! That is just not possible. If someone doesn't feel a certain way about you, in that way that you would like, then they are just not into you. You can never tell who will fall in love with whom. Love is patient, and love is timeless. It happens on its own terms, and love cannot be forced onto a person.

you don't get someone to fall in love with you you let them fall in love with you.

Yes it is possible to out of love with someone and then love them again. Love has never and will never be explanatory. It comes within each individual and either the chemistry works between to the two or it does not. When a couple are together for a few months to a few years it's possible to grow weary of each other and possible the couple splits up, but then once apart and they mature they often realize they still love each other.

yes it is. Are you sure that you are actually in love and not just seeking attenition? Ask yourself that and you'll have your answer! Good luck!

yes. everyone falls in love. even with people already inrelationships

It's possible to fall in love with anyone! The tricky part is when they're not in love with you.

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