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Is it possible to feed a rabbit too much hay?

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No! Rabbits should eat as much hay as they can and want to eat. You should only be concerned if your rabbit isn't eating enough hay. In fact, you should make sure your rabbit has a constant supply of fresh hay (timothy or other grass hays; alfalfa is not that good for adults, only babies).

It is possible for them to eat too much of the pellet food, though, which can cause obesity and all kinds of health and digestive problems. And too many greens can cause diarrhea or other digestive problems.

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What do you feed your rabbit when pregnant?

Feed your rabbit regular feed and lots and lots of hay

How much do u feed an animal like a rabbit?

You give them a little dish of pellets and, a also a little basket of Hay and a medium bowl for Water.

What can you feed a rabbit who doesn't like hay?


What will a rabbit eat?

It will eat hay, rabbit, food, grass, and veg's but do not feed them lettuce.

Do you have to feed your rabbit hay?

Yes they love it and it's good for them. You do not HAVE to feed them hay but they do love it and it is good for them as long as there are no weeds in the hay. A nice timothy hay or a leafy alfalfa are best.

What do you feed your pet rabbit?

You can feed your rabbit a variety of things such as pellets and alfalfa or timothy hay. You can also go to a local pet store and purchase rabbit food.

Can rabbits eat straw?

yes, they can, as straw is better for bedding than 1/2 should feed your rabbit about 50% of the daily food should be hay/timothy hay/alfalfa hay (for pregnant or growing rabbits). and the other 50% should be 16-18% rabbit feed (pellets).feed resource's:*no food, cant get to the store today?answer: feed your rabbit 1 handful (NO MORE) cracked corn or oat meal (UN cooked). this should no be continued for more than 2 days!* what type of pellets should be fed?answer: -16% rabbit pellets: before shows or to slim down your rabbit.- 17% rabbit pellets: casual feed.- 18% rabbit pellets: fatten up your rabbit.*what type of hay?answer: alfalfa: pregnant or growing rabbitstimothy: to fatten up rabbitnormal 1st cut hay: casual hay feed.ALWAYS FEED YOU RABBIT TREATS AND FRUIT/ VEGGIES DAILY!thank you

What to feed baby rabbit?

offer a good hay and quality pellet

If no hay what should you feed a rabbit?

Rabbits must eat hay in order to stay healthy. If a rabbit has no hay, dental problems or digestive problems will result, leading to severe illness and death.

What should you feed your Pet Rabbit You should give them sheep poo.?

you can feed them alfalfa or timothy hay

How much hay should I feed my rabbit?

What to do if your rabbit has the runs?

You should feed the rabbit more hay and dried foods, and if this doesn't work visit the vets.

What do you feed a small rabbit? water, pellets, hay (timothy hay) and vegetables. all that to fatten them up for Christmas dinner :)

Can you feed your rabbit hay?

Yes. Hay is very good for your rabbit's digestive system. Hay is available from pet shops and some supermarkets. Always get dust free hay. Hope I Helped :)

Can you feed your rabbit cilantro?

Yes, but only as a treat. They should eat mostly timothy hay.

Can you feed your guinea pig rabbit timothy hay?

Yeah! You can not too sure about alfalfa though! :]

What is a remedy for an overweight rabbit?

If you truly have an obese rabbit, you can do a couple of things. First lower the amount of feed you are giving him or her. It is much easier to fatten a rabbit than to thin one. Give the rabbit more room to run around and/or a bigger cage. Change the feed from the fattening source to a healthier source and add oats or hay to it. Make sure to measure the amount of feed you give the rabbit. Good luck!

How much hay do you need to feed your rabbit?

Hay is the most important part of a rabbits diet. Rabbits teeth grow constantly but when they chew hay it helps keep their teeth from growing too big. If the teeth don't get worn down naturally then your rabbit will develop dental problems which can be very serious. You should feed your rabbit unlimited amounts of hay. You should offer your rabbit a small amount of pellets so that they can get some variety and vitamins. Use a single pellet type if you can rather than a 'mix', since with the mix the rabbit will only eat the bits they like. If you get a single pellet type they will eat all of it. You can also offer your rabbit small amounts of vegetables, see this page for which ones you can feed.

Do rabbits have to be fed hay or is it optional?

It is best to feed a caged rabbit hay. This is because they are caged and have a steady diet of rabbit pelets. Rabbits will stay happier and healthier if fed a roughage while caged.

When should you feed your rabbits?

Absolutely Everyday! Hay and Water: Replace your rabbit's hay and water at least once a day. With hay, twice a day is better. Make sure your rabbit always has access to hay and water! Pellets and Greens: Split the daily portion into two meals, breakfast and dinner. See the related question below for details about what to feed your rabbit.

What is the best type of hay to feed guinea pigs?

The best type of hay to feed Guinea Pig's are the Timothy hay since it is not too much in calories.

How many times a rabbit needs to be fed?

Your Rabbit can eat as much hay as they want everyday,but make sure that the hay is fresh and clean. The Rabbit should be fed several times a day you can probably feed your rabbit in the morning,around lunch and also later on in the evening,but not too much because you don't want the rabbit to get obese. If your rabbit is already 12 weeks old you can feed it vegetables like carrots etc, but make sure you find out first which ones they can eat because some vegetables can be poisonous. If your feeding you rabbit pellets and your rabbit is an adult you should feed it 1/4 to 1/2 cup of pellets each day for every 6 pounds of body weight. I hope this is enough information.

How much hay do you feed a welsh section a that is 11 2?

It is not a bad idea to offer as much hay as he will eat without wasting too much. The amount to feed will depend on how much the pony weighs. You should feed about 2% of the ponies body weight in feed daily.

How much hay to feed a welsh cob?

There isn't a specific amount. You just feed it until it says that the horse didn't eat all of the hay.

Do you feed a lop eared bunny with hay every day?

You can but hay is more of a treat that should be used ocaisionly. regular rabbit food should be used on a regulaur basis.