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Is it possible to get West Highland White Terriers in Nintendogs?

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No, West Highland White Terriers are not available in Nintendogs.

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Is there a breed of black west highland terriers?

No. West Highland White Terriers are white. The black terriers are called Scottish Terriers.

What is the relationship between cairn and west highland white terriers?

As I understand it, West highland white terriers were bred out of Cairns.

Where do west highland terriers come from?

West Highland White Terriers - or westies for short - originate from Scottland

Do West Highland White Terriers have hair?


How big are west highland white terriers?

Not very big.

How tall are west highland white terriers?

They're small.

Do West Highland White Terriers get along with cats?


Why are West Highland White Terriers stubborn?

Stubbornness is common in terriers, but they're also very loyal.

Do West Highland White Terriers come in colors other than white?

All purebred West Highland Terriers are white, though some have a "wheaten" (light brown) shading on their fur tips along the back.

Are West Highland White Terriers cute?

Extremely, especially the puppies!

Where do west highland white terriers live?

I think they live in Wales

How much do girl puppy white west highland terriers?


How long do West Highland White Terriers live?

11-14 years

Are west highland white terriers hypollergenic?

Yes,I have oone myself and i am alergic

Do west highland terrier dogs come in another color besides white?

No; although the shade of white might vary, all West Highland Terriers will be white. Cairn and Scottish Terriers look similar to the Westie, but they are brown/blonde and black.

How much do west highland white terriers cost?

Good one, $1,000.00 and up.

How can you find Breeders of west highland white terriers?

try and type in westies and there you have it!

What groups recognize West Highland white terrier?

It's part of the Terriers Group.

Are west highland white terriers the best dog?

they could be a good dog but that is a opinion

Which dog is better a Scottish Terrier or a West Highland White Terrier?

I like the West Highland White Terrier better, because Scottish Terriers are not always that friendly.

When do white terriers get active?

you mean west highland terriers. First of all westies are always active and can be wild if not trained training these is a must.

Do west highland white terriers come in any color other than white?

Wooooow. Good question. The closest to a diffrently colored West Highland White Terrier is the Scottish Terrier.

Can you buy west highland white terriers in Australia?

Yes. A simple search for "west highland white terrier breeders in Australia" will bring up numerous sites and contacts.

Are west highland white terriers one of the best dogs to buy?

yes great dogs

Do West Highland White Terriers have a strong doggy odor?

No, they don't smell unless neglected.