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Anything can happen. This sounds pretty unlikely, but you have to be careful. Women have gotten pregnant in stranger ways.

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If you ejaculated on your girlfriends underwear can she get pregnant?

It's possible.

Can you get pregnant if the condom splits but he has not ejaculated?

You can get pregnant everytime you have sex, protected or not. It is unlikely, but possible.

Can you get pregnant if the guy did not come?

It is certainly possible, but not anywhere as likely as if he had ejaculated.

Can pre-ejaculate on fingers when fingering make you pregnant?

Depending on wheather the man had recently ejaculated depends on if there is actually sperm in the precum.. but even if he did there is still about a 1% chance that she is pregnant.

Can a girl get pregnant with only fingering?

It is not possible unless the finger had fresh ejaculate on it.

Is it very likely for a girl to get pregnant after they were ejaculated in while on there period?

It is highly unlikely, but is certainly possible.

Is it possible for sperm to get into any small openings of a girls bathing suit?

Yes, but no, it is not possible to get pregnant by swimming in a pool where a man has ejaculated.

Can you get pregnant if my boyfriend ejaculated inside me on my ovulation days?

The odds are veeeeeery slim, but it's still possible

Is it possible for you to get pregnant if your boyfriend and you came at the same time or if he came in you?

Absolutely, yes. Independent of you climaxing, if your boyfriend ejaculated in you, you can most certainly get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant from someone fingering you?


If your husband pulled his penis out when he ejaculated and then placed it back in your vagina could you get pregnant?

It is possible, especially if he was not finished yet.

Can you get pregnant if your boyfriend ejaculated in you?

ofcourse you can

Can you get pregnant if your bf ejaculated on the opening of your vagina?

yes, you can get pregnant

What if your boyfriend ejaculated in you 9 days before your period and now you have your period could i be pregnant?

It is possible to be pregnant and have a one time period. The question is were you ovulating when you had sex. If you had a period 9 days later, I doubt you are pregnant. However, it is possible.

If only a little bit sperm goes can the girl become pregnant?

It's PossibleYes, a girl can become pregnant if only a little sperm is ejaculated.

Can you tell if your pregnant by fingering yourself?


Can you get pregnant from a guy just fingering you?

If a guy is just fingering you, you can not get pregnant. Pregnancy involves the mans seman entering you're vagina.

Can you get pregnant if he ejaculated on your pants?

yes yes

Can you get pregnant if you get sperm with your fingers an touch your vagina?

Yes, although there is a smaller chance than if he had ejaculated inside your vagina but it is still possible.

Can you fall pregnant if comdom splits and male has not ejaculated?

it has not yet been proven but it is possible as the male leaks sperm before he ejaculates so there for it is possible but is a confusing question

Can you girl get pregnant on her period doing dry humping with clothes?

not likely, not unless you ejaculated and it went through the clothing in the vaginal area. because it is possible to get pregnant while menstruating.

If a man ejaculated first outside and second inside can you get pregnant?

Yes, it only matters that he ejaculated in you, not the before or after.

Can you get pregnant if your on nuva ring and you take it out during intercourse and your boyfriend ejaculated in you?

Yes, there is a chance that you could be pregnant if your boyfriend ejaculated inside of you without your nuva ring in.

If you were wearing a condom ejaculated into it and put another one on like 5 minutes later can she still get pregnant?

Not unless you had no barrier when you ejaculated into her. If you had the condom on and ejaculated into the condom while you were inside of her, then exited her and changed condoms (unless the condom broke) you could not get her pregnant. The only way for her to get pregnant is if you ejaculated into her or emptied your fluids into her (and most condoms have spermicide). If neither are the case, it is nearly 0% chance that she could get pregnant.

What are the chances of getting pregnant from fingering?