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Yes it is possible you got pregnant when his PENIS entered your VAGINA, even for a short time. A man does not need to enaculate to make a woman pregnant! Plus, woman need to clean themselves after sex.

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Can you get pregnant if the penis enters the vagina but does not ejaculate the penis wasnt in for very long only for a few seconds?

Yes. All that has to happen for a woman to get pregnant is for one sperm to meet one egg, and it's possible for a sperm cell to be carried in the pre-ejaculate fluid. Do yourself and your partner a favor and use a condom!

Can you get pregnant if the male ejaculated earler that day and was only in you for a few seconds?

If he didn't ejaculate again (lol, sometimes it only takes a few seconds) then almost certainly not.

If he sticks his penis in you for 5 seconds and misses your vagina can you be pregnant?

Yes, it is still very possible to get pregnant this way. Some semen still may be able to enter the vagina even if penetration never happened. It is also possible to get pregnant if ejaculation never happened. When a man is aroused, the penis can secrete pre-ejaculate, which is meant for lubrication, but can also contain sperm. While the chances of getting pregnant in either of these ways is low, it is still possible.

What are the chances of pregnancy if you only stuck it in for a few seconds your girlfriend was on birth control for 5 years and was off for about a month when this happened?

Did you ejaculate in her in those few seconds? Even if you didn't it is possible that the pre-cum, which has sperm in it, could have enetered her. Once she is off birth control she can get pregnant during her next ovulation cycle. If you did not ejaculate in her the chances of pregnancy are low but not zero. Next time, man up and buy condoms.

Can a woman still get pregnant if the guy only entered her for about 10 seconds because he couldn't fit and he didnt wear a condom and didn't ejaculate either?

Although not likely, it is possible because he could have "pre-ejaculated" and there could have been sperm present.

Can you be pregnant if only the head of the penis is in for say 30 seconds and the guy didn't ejaculate inside and it was finished off by handd?

There is always a possibility of you getting pregnant if he pre-cums in you. Condom first no matter what.

Can you get a girl pregnant if you don't use a condom and its only in there for 5 seconds and what are the chances?

Yes you can. Even of you don't ejaculate you can since pre-ejaculation has sperms as well.

Can you get pregnant if his penis didnt go in and it was less than 5 seconds and if he didnt ejaculate?

You said there was no penetration, so what was less than five seconds, his erection? The amount of time you opened your eyes to look at his johnson? What?

Chances of being pregnant after sex for about 10 seconds only put in once had ejaculated earlier but urinated after?

not very high odds. if you pee afterwards, you pretty much clear out the urethra, though post sex discharge is still possible.

Could you get pregnant if the male did not ejaculate and he was inside you for less than 3 seconds?

Well it is pretty unlikely, but not completely impossible. Men have been known to have leakage and if if a little bit leaked out during that 2 or 3 seconds and you were ovulating, yes it is possible. Just hang in there, you'll know soon enough if you get your period or not, my best guess is you will.

Can you get pregnant if a man put his penis in your vagina for less than 5 seconds and neither one of you came?

Yes, you can get pregnant that way. Before ejaculation, pre-ejaculate is released and this contains sperm. It doesn't matter whether the woman orgasms or not - pregnancy can still occur

If you put your penis in for 2 seconds then pulled it right out can she still get pregnant?

Yes, it's entirely possible. During foreplay or sexual arousal, the mans' semen starts to flow. He doesn't necessarily have to ejaculate in order to release sperm. It only takes one microscopic (invisible to the naked eye) sperm to fertilize the ovaries ... !

Can you get pregnant if a boy puts his penis in you but not all the way in for about thirty seconds or less and he doesn't cum and if you are a virgin can you still get pregnant?

Yes. You can get pregnant just from pre-ejaculation. Small chance but still possible. Get him to wear a condom or get on the pill.

What is the duration of Pregnant in Heels?

The duration of Pregnant in Heels is 2640.0 seconds.

What is the duration of I'm Pregnant and...?

The duration of I'm Pregnant and... is 1800.0 seconds.

You and your boyfriend were having fun he didnt have a condom but he slipped his penis inside you not even for 3 seconds Can you get pregnant?

The fluid commonly called 'pre-cum' or pre-ejaculate doesn't always contain sperm, and there is scientific debate about if it is likely to cause pregnancy if it does. If he did not ejaculate, then the odds of pregnancy from a slip-up like this are very low. However if the penis enters the vagina for any length of time, pregnancy is possible, even if it is very unlikely. Always take a pregnancy test if you have any doubts.

Can I be pregnant week after conception?

Conception means pregnancy! No one can tell, even the female, exactly when conception occurs.if you have unprotected sex, you can conceive within seconds, up to 72 hours after that time of male ejaculate entered the female vagina.

What are the chances of getting pregnant if you had your penis in for not even twenty seconds and pulled out with out even ejaculating. The penis came out practically dry.?

Although there is some disagreement about whether or not pre-ejaculate (i.e., the liquid that leaks out of the penis when men get excited during foreplay) contains sperm, if you had pre-ejaculate on the tip of your penis and it contained sperm, then there's a chance of pregnancy. Granted, there are far fewer sperm in pre-ejaculate than in ejaculate--but it only takes one sperm to fertilize an egg. Putting your penis in a girl without putting on a condom is just plain stupid and reckless.

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