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Yes. The moment a man ejaculates, his penis begins to shrink from the hard on, and leakage can happen. Not to mention, that a condom is not a 100% guarantee of no pregnancy.

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Q: Is it possible to get pregnant if the guys uses a condom but after ejaculation he continues to keep going?
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What are the possibilities that you could be pregnant from pre-ejaculation fluid if the condom broke but your boyfriend realized it and pulled out before he ejaculated?

Possible but highly unlikely.

What is the likeliness that a girl would become pregnant if the spermicidal condom broke during sex without ejaculation?

Without ejaculation, not very likely.

Can a woman get pregnant if the semen leaks out a little from the base of the condom after ejaculation?

Only if she has a big vag.

Can you become pregnant if the condom broke inside of you and there was pre-ejaculate fluid inside?

Yes, many women get pregnant from pre-ejaculation.

Is it possible that you can get pregnant if you use a condom?

yes it is.

Can you get pregnant if a boy puts his penis in you but not all the way in for about thirty seconds or less and he doesn't cum and if you are a virgin can you still get pregnant?

Yes. You can get pregnant just from pre-ejaculation. Small chance but still possible. Get him to wear a condom or get on the pill.

What are the statistical odds of getting a girl pregnant when using a condom along with pulling out right before ejaculation and doing it into the condom?

I would say 0.1%

Is it possible to not get pregnant even if he ejaculated?

it is possible.. women ovulation process take 28 days to occur (normally).. it is safe to have sex without condom o even ejaculation into the vagina directly after period is done..

Can you be pregnant if you used a condom during sex but he came in you with the condom on?

unlikely but still possible

Is it likely that a girl will get pregnant if you dont come?

It is possible for a girl to become pregnant from pre-cum or small amounts of semen that escape from the penis before ejaculation. You should always use a condom or a form of birth control if you do not wish to become pregnant.

Can you get pregnant with a 'wrapper' on?

I am assuming that 'wrapper' is slang for condom, and yes, it is still possible to get pregnant with a condom, though it does reduce the chances.

Is it possible to get pregnant if the condom doesnt break?

Yes... you are pregnant right now

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