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Is it possible to grow peaches in the California Bay Area?

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Yes. At the local Farmers Market, my wife buys peaches grown in the San Francisco Bay Area.

2007-07-03 00:16:50
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Why don't peaches ripen on the tree?

because it not possible for it to grow

Where does peaches grow from?

Peaches grow on peach trees.

When did Georgia start to grow peaches?

What year did Georgia start to grow peaches

What do they grow in Austria?

They grow peaches!

How do peaches grow?

Peaches grow on peach trees in warm climates with lots of water and sunshine.

Where fruits are grown?

Michigan grows strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, cherries, peaches and apples. Washington state grows cherries and apples. Georgia grows peaches. Florida and Texas grow grapefruit. Florida and California grow oranges.

Do peaches grow in Canada?

God yes, sexy peaches yeah~

What is the subject in this sentence Peaches grow in my grandmother's front yard?


Can peaches grow on palm trees?

Peaches never grow on palm trees. Only coconuts and palm nuts grow from palm trees.

Where can you grow peaches?

in dirt

How do you grow peaches?


How do you make peaches?

you have to grow them

Where do nectarines grow?

Nectarines are a mutation of peaches (peaches without fuzz) and grow anywhere peaches can be grown. They can grow in USDA growth zones 5-8, but do especially well in zones 6 & 7.

Are peaches locally grown?

If peaches grow in your area, and are for sale at the appropriate harvesting time, then they are locally grown. I'm in North Georgia. I have peach trees and there are peach farms all around me. Here our peaches are definitely locally grown.

What part of the plant does Peaches come from?

Peaches grow from the flowers on the peach tree.

In what region does the peach grow in?

Peaches grow in the valley region.

Do peaches grow actual hair?


What season do peaches grow in?


Does Portugal make peaches?

no they grow it

Which season do peaches grow in?


Where do peaches grow best?

Peaches are best grown in California but are also well known in other states all around AmericaGeorgia is known as the "peach state" but I can tell you as a native of CA we have the BEST peaches.__Canada also grows magnificent peaches. Two areas come to mind - Niagra falls area has long been known for peach growing and the Okanagan Valley in BC. Peaches are also grown all around the world so there are many areas including Asia and Europe that excell in grwoing them.

Where do peaches grow?

They grow in warm climates such as Georgia, and South Carolina.

Do peaches grow on trees?

Yes they grow on trees in peach orchards.

In which climates do peaches grow?

Warm ones. They grow a lot in Georgia.

What continent do peaches come from?

Peaches grow on the continents of North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.