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If the headaches are as horrible as you say, no. When the sinuses are infected they produce mucus which creates the pressure which creates the headaches. On xrays (or CTs) normal sinuses look dark gray or black, when there is an infection it is white. Very hard to mistake. Headaches have to be from something else. Keep looking.

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Will you have headaches on synthroid?

Yes, it is possible to have headaches while on Synthroid.

Is it rare for a child to get a gallbladder infection?

Yes it is rare, but my nine year old daughter had a minor gallbladder infection so its still possible. A symptom is if he/she has horrible pain just below their right rib cage.

Is it possible to get headaches everyday?

Yes it is. Some are that unlucky.

Is it possible to buy a house if you have horrible credit?

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Does amoxicillin cause headaches?

The known possible side effects include nausea, fatigue, diarrhoea and vomiting. Headaches are not listed.

Can ADHD be detected prenatally?

No; in the future this may be possible.

Is stress a cause of migraines?

it is possible that stress can cause headaches.

Is it possible to get a yeast infection before your period?

Yes it is possible to get a yeast infection at anytime during the menstrual cycle.

What problems will not be detected by an initial POST?

As few as is humanly possible

If you taste cocaine and do a drug test will it be detected in your system?

It is possible.

Can you have headaches while on your period?

Everyone experiences the menstrual cycle different. Usually during PMS is when women get headaches, cramps, bloating and etc. It's possible and common to have headaches during your period.

You are experinceing lower abdominal pain light pink blood after peeing and nasuea and headaches and sleeplessness What is wrong with you?

Bladder infection or bladder stone. I would see a doctor if possible, its not a huge deal, but a doctor could help.

Can HIV be detected in bloodtest after the entry of HIV in three weeks?

It is possible; but usually it takes longer for the HIV antibodies to be detected from the test.

Can you get an infection on your period?

Yes it is possible to get an infection or even STD during menstruation.

You had surgery almost two years ago and now have a severe infection in that area is it possible for an infection to lay dormant for that long?

Yes it is very possible. Yes it is very possible.

How can I get rid of headaches?

Well, any kind of sleep deprivation can cause headaches. If possible, try to get some extra sleep. If your problems persist, you may want to contact a physician, as persistent headaches can be an indication of greater physical problems.

Blood in a man's ejactualation?

possible infection.

Is it possible to get an infection in your bellybutton?

yes yes

Is it possible to have an anal yeast infection?

Yes, it is possible to have an anal yeast infection, as candidiasis (yeast) can form in ANY dark, warm, moist areas.

What are the after effects of alcohol?

Dizziness, headaches, tiredness and vomiting can be possible effects of abusing alcohol.

Is headaches an toothaches apart of pregnancy symptoms?

It could be possible, or it could be a sign of a fever.

Can you get a staph infection from sitting on a toilet?

It is possible to get a staph infection from sitting on a toilet. You can get a staph infection by touching any surface which has the bacteria on it.

What is the caused of headaches followed by nosebleed?

High blood pressure can cause headaches, dizziness, nose bleeds. Dry winter air can cause nose bleeds, and a headache. Another cause could be from severe nose picking, that can cause horrible headaches and nose bleeds. Blowing your nose too hard can cause a very bad headache and a possible nose bleed. But any combination of a headache and nose bleeding consistantly would warrant a visit to your health care practitioner. Probably is nothing but worth getting checked out.

What is the indication of infection seen in blood test report?

A high WBC indicates a possible infection.

I am constantly feeling a little dizzy and also iv had extreme headaches and nosebleeds what could this be?

Imbalance in the inner ear. Do you feel less dizzy when driving or when you close your eyes? It's possible that a sinus infection is putting pressure on your inner ear and causing your problems