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Yes, it is possible to have an ectopic pregnancy after a vaginal hysterectomy if one or both ovaries are still present.

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Can you have an ectopic pregnancy after a Hysterectomy?

No Uterus & no ovaries, doesnt seem so!

Could your next pregnancy be ectopic pregnancy also?

Well the chances of having an ectopic pregnancy is .25% which is less then 1% which would make it almost completely uncommon for a 2nd pregnancy to be ectopic, but that percent is possible, especially if you have previous....ectopic pregnancy. But its a low percent.

Can you get pregnant after having a hysterectomy an you just have your ovaries?

highly unlikely (Ectopic pregnancy) but your vagina andtubes are probably closed.

Where I had a partial hysterectomy about 8 years ago is it possible for my boyfriend and i to have a baby?

It will depend upon the type of Partial Hysterectomy; sometimes this type of pregnancy is called Ectopic, if your ovaries have been left intact, you can ovulate and the fertilised egg can stay in the Fallopian tubes, this pregnancy is risky and can involve emergency surgeries/deliveries, but again it depends upon what type of Partial Hysterectomy.

Can a pregnancy test be negative with an ectopic pregnancy?

Although the chances are slim with a urine test performed at a doctor's office, it still can be possible to receive a negative result early in an ectopic pregnancy. If you used a home test the chances are slightly higher. If you think it is possible that you are experiencing an ectopic pregnancy, you need to go to the doctor or health department. An ectopic pregnancy can be very dangerous.

Can you have a negative pregnancy test and have an ectopic pregnancy?

Due to the possibility of lower levels of hormone with ectopic pregnancy it is possible to have a home test show that you are not pregnant while you have an EP.

What and how is ectopic pregnancy happen?

An ectopic pregnancy is when the fertilised egg attaches itself outside the uterus. The most common place where the ectopic pregnancy occurs is the fallopian tubes. Other possible areas where the ectopic could occur are the ovaries, abdomen and the cervix. The cause for ectopic pregnancy is mostly unknown. However endometriosis, any surgery to the abdomen, previous pelvic inflammatory disease all increase the chances of an ectopic pregnancy.

What are the differences in symptoms between menopause and a tubal pregnancy?

Menopause is cessation of menstruation as you grow old or due to hysterectomy. A tubal pregnancy is an ectopic pregnancy where in the inplantation takes place in the fallopian tube.

Is pregnancy possible after an hysterectomy?

No.A hysterectomy removes the female organs that allows a woman to have a baby. The uterus and ovaries are taken out.

Can an ectopic pregnancy be moved?

No, it needs to be surgically removed as soon as possible.

Can you have a period with an ectopic pregnancy?

can i still have a period with a ectopic pregnancy

After you've had an ectopic pregnancy is it possible to have a normal pregnancy if you get pregnant again?

Yes it is possible to have an ectopic pregnancy and have a negative pregnancy test, it is also possible to have a healthy pregnancy and have a positive pregnancy test in the first 10 days after a missed period. Pregnancy test kits are each calibrated to different levels of sensitivity and you have to ensure you are using a quality test, which is calibrated to detect reliably levels of hCG (the hormone, made in pregnancy.) You can find answers to your questions about ectopic pregnancy by using the link below.

Is it possible to be pregnant if you had your tubes cut and burned but you are feeling sick and had a light period but two pregnancy tests were negative?

Yes. You may have an ectopic pregnancy. You should visit your doctor as soon as you suspect a possible pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy can provide innaccurate test results at home.

Is it possible to become pregnant after an ectopic pregnant?

Yes it is possible, because say for example, you had an ectopic pregnancy in one fallopian tube, then you could still have a pregnancy in the uterus or another ectopic pregnancy in the other fallopian tube or somewhere else because the other fallopian tube is still carrying the egg down to the uterus.

If during the scan you see the sac in the womb is it an ectopic pregnancy?

It is possible to see a uterine sac, called a pseudo sac, with an ectopic pregnancy, but most likely there will be nothing in the uterus.

Is getting pregnant in your tubes possible?

Yesl it's called an ectopic pregnancy.

Can trichomoniasis cause ectopic pregnancy?

Trichomoniasis won't cause an ectopic pregnancy.

What causes an ectopic pregnancy?

It is really unknown at the time about what causes an ectopic pregnancy.

When was Ectopic pregnancy discovered?

Ectopic pregnancy was first described in the eleventh century

Can you get heart burn with an ectopic pregnancy?

Ectopic pregnancy has nothing to do with heart burn.

Can you test positive for a pregnancy test if it's an ectopic pregnancy?

Yes you can....I have unfortunately had two ectopic pregnancies and tested positive for both.....

Is it possible to be pregnant 3 weeks after ectopic pregnancy?

Hi, I had an Ectopic pregnancy and my right tube was removed.This was my first pregnanacy and I was devastated with the experience.. Doctor suggested me to avoid pregnancy for at least 6months..So waiting for That now..

When to expect normal menstruation after an ectopic pregnancy?

when can i expect menstruation after my operation of an ectopic pregnancy?

If you had an ectopic pregnancy can you have a normal pregnancy later?

Yes, however, there is a likelihood of another ectopic pregnancy if you have a first one.

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