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Q: Is it possible to have braces and get a root canal?
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Does your insurance pay for braces if you have a root canal or can you even get braces with a root canal?

Yes, you can get braces if you have a root canal. And I wouldn't think it would make a difference to an insurance company either. Not sure if your question is about costs. Two major procedures like a root canal and braces would probably exhaust annual maximums of most dental insurances. You would be well advised to get a supplemental plan for major dental work like root canal. addendum: there is usually a lifetime max for orthodontics, separate from root canals etc. ask your insurance company about your coverage. but braces will work on a root canal treated tooth.

Why do you need a root canal after you get braces on?

Root canals are not needed because of braces. It is just a coincidence if you need a root canal after you have had braces. Most likely what happened is that your home care was not the best while you had braces on so you developed a cavity. If the cavity is not treated it continues to get worse. Once the cavity gets close to the nerve of the tooth a root canal will have to be performed and the tooth will need a crown on it.

If you had a root canal done 11 months ago with only a temporary filling and you now have braces can you still have the root canal finished?

usually. The braces will not effect the root canal therapy, which should be completed ASAP. Temporary fillings are just that - temporary. They can break down and begin to leak after a certain amount of time. The tooth likely will need a crown after the root canal is completed, in which case the braces may impede the process. At the very least, request a permanent material/filling is placed at the time of root canal completion.

What is MRC3A on your ERB?

The best possible answers are root canal operations, wisdom teeth taken out, braces, bridge operations, and any toothimplants...Hope thathelp.

Why would a tooth that has had a root canal be hurting?

It is possible that the root canal is failing. If the root canal was completed very recently, it is possible that there is an accessory canal that was missed during the initial treatment. Remember, a root canal procedure is a last ditch effort to save a tooth that would otherwise be lost. Sometimes root canals fail for no known reason. See your dentist and follow his/her instructions.

Can you get braces a day after getting a root canal?

yes you can although you will have to wait 2 hours or the braces may stuff up a friend of mine had that happen to me hope this answer helped

Is it possible for a dentist to do a root canal pain free?

You can elect to be put completely under during a root canal. You will have some pain once you wake up.

Can you have a root canal and get braces?

It should be perfectly okay depending on what has to be done to that particular tooth. Ask your dentist for a referral to an orthodontist (some orthos accept patients without referrals) and he/she should be able to answer all your questions during your consultation appointment. Yes, teeth move with braces even if they have undergone root canal therapy.

Does a tooth that had a root canal still ache?

its possible. go see your dentist

If you'v got braces can you get root canel?

if braces should be take care teeth braces not cause root cancel

Can a person exercise after a root canal?

Yes you can exercise after a root canal. It will have no interfierence.

What to do if gum gets infected after root canal?

Return to the dentist who performed the root canal as soon as possible. He/she can give you the best advice on how to correct the gum problem. In all likelihood, the gum problem is not a result of the root canal. It is probably simply a concurrent problem that has not been addressed or treated yet.

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