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Okay, to have triplets on the sims 2 is simple, really. All you do is bring up the cheat box. You know, Ctrl+Shift+C. Then type in this: boolprop testingcheatsenabled true. Make sure you spell everything correctly. Then you need to right click on your mom or dad and go to Spawn . . . then Tombstone of L and D. Go to your dad's face and click on the tombstone then click on something that says: Merge Genetics with . . . THen click on your wife's face. Do the same to the mom, but a few sim minutes later. okay? After that the pregnancy music will play. If you want to speed up the pregnancy just click on the tombstone again and select: Speed up my Pregnancy. The dad and mom will both become pregnant. The dad will start to go into 'labor' first. bring up the cheat box again: Ctrl+Shift+C and this time type in: forcetwins. The dad will give birth to twins, and the mom will give birth to one child. The babies will be triplets and will grow up together on the same day at the same time. Just remember, if you want triplets, make the mom's genetics merge a few seconds (sim minutes) after you merge the dads. If you want quadruplets, do the same thing, but make the parent's genectics murge in the same minute. Then they both will go into 'labor' at the same time, and when you put in 'forcetwins' they will both have twins: quads. Hope this helped. Good luck with all your babies!

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Q: Is it possible to have triplets in the Sims 2?
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Can you have triplets in sims 2?

Yes it is possible to have triplets in the Sims 2.

How can you get triplets the sims2?

You can not have triplets on the Sims 2.

How sims have triplets in the game of sims 2?

They can only have twins, the cheat for triplets and quads does not work. However, If you have the Sims 3, you can have triplets.

Can Sims 2 Sims have triplets?

There is a cheat but it does not work, so no you cannot have triplets.

How do you have triplets in sims 2 apartment life?

I have never been able to have triplets in sims and I have sims 2 apartment life I only rarely have twins so I assumed you can't have triplets.

Can Sims get pregnant with triplets on Sims 2?

Yes. If you want your sims to be able to produce triplets, you will need to download a mod.

How do you have triplets or quads on sims 2?

There are no cheats for triplets or quads. But it can happen naturally.

Is there a cheat for having triplets on Sims 2?

no there is not

How do you get triplets on the sims 2?

to get triplets on the sims 2 you need to download a triplets and quads hack that allows you to have more then twins. the patch can be found on this website:,18.0.html

How do you get triplets on sims 2 double deluxe?

It is impossible

On sims 2 doubledelux can your sim have triplets?


Can you have triplets on the Sims 2 PC?

Not naturally, if you want to have triplets then you have to have a download a mod for multiple births.

How do you make your Sims have triplets?

You can't have your sims have triplets. They most they can have at a time is twins. ok i have a big time question CAN YOU HAVE BABYS ON SIMS 2?????? IF YOU CAN PLEASE SEND YES OR NO TO ME CUZ I WANNA HAVE THEM BABYS COME OUT Yes you can have babies on sims 2. Yes you can have triplets on sims 3, you have to watch kids tv and listen to kids music at the same time.

How do you have triplets on Sim's 2 double deluxe?

To make your Sims have triplets, download the Triplets and Quads mod from Simbology: Follow the instructions there, and, if you've installed it correctly, your Sims should be able to have triplets and quadruplets.

How do you have 3 babies on the sims 2?

Unfortunately you can't have triplets on the Sims 2, although you can have twins using force twins.

How do you have triplets on sims 2 deluxe?

Shift+control+c, "forcetriplets"

How do you get your sim on sims 2 pregnant with quads or triplets?

You need the Insimenator.

How do you have triplets on the sims 2?

the only way to have triplets in the Sims 2 is to have a mod for the game. you can download it from this website,18.0.html hope this helped, good luck :)

On sims 2 how do you have triplets?

For twins or triplets ot quadruplets you MUST have NIGHTLIFE, then you use the following cheats: forcetwins forcetriplets quadforce

On sims 2 can you have triplets?

yes but it can happen but it is rare if you want you can do the cheat forcetriplets.

How do Sims 3 have triplets?

It is very rare to have triplets on the sims 3. But it will be likely if you use the 'fertlity treatment' bonus in the rewards section.

What is the cheat to make your sim have triplets on The Sims 2?

Can only have twins but the cheat is forcetwins

Can you have triplets on sims 3 pets for PC?

Your pets and Sims can have triplets but only if you have the lifetime reward "fertility treatment (for pets)" hope that helped!!! :)

Can you have triplets on Sims 3 ambitions?

No we cannot only one but you can do a cheat virsion too get 2

How do you get quadruplets on sims 3?

You can only have triplets.