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Q: Is it possible to inhale or swallow through your ear tube?
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Do earthworms swallow soil?

It passes straight through them, like a tube.

Do you swallow out of the same tube you breath?

Yes, but when you swallow the tube closes to allow you to do this action.

Is it possible to swallow a sword and live?

Yes. A quick You-Tube search will yield definitive video evidence.

What is the name of the tube food goes down when you swallow?

The name of the tube that food goes down when you swallow is called your esophagus.

Where is the esophagus found in the body?

That is the tube that leads from your throat to your stomach. When you swallow, food passes through the esophagus to get to your stomach.

What is enteral feeding?

Enteral feeding is used to feed patients who can't feed themselves or swallow. A nasogastric tube (tube passed through the nose and down to the throat and to the stomach) allows food to be put into a person without having them swallow.

What tube carries the gasses in and out of the lungs?

when you inhale air flows through the trachea to the bronchi to the bronchial to the aviolus witch is were the air is exchanged into the blood

Can you smoke Percocet?

you can indeed just throw a line on some foil grab a tube of su sort light underneath and inhale the snoke through the tube ive done this many of times a day

What is esophaqus?

esophagus is the tube that carries food into your stomach after you swallow it.

The trap door that moves to cover your trachea when you swallow so you dont swallow food into your breathing tube?


What does phag mean?

It is a root meaning to swallow or eat. Phagocytes are cells that consume invaders, and the esophagus is the food tube which is connected to where you swallow.

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