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Well, yes, it CAN be done, if you're willing to pay for a large amount of bodywork and customizing of your car. It would involve chopping out the entire roof of your car and chopping the "moonroof/sunroof" section from another car just like yours, then doing the bodywork and painting to return the car to its original condition, inside and out. If you're talking about these "aftermarket" sunroof accessories, that depends on your expertise and skill as a bodywork mechanic. Why not just sell your car and buy a car with the sunroof already in it? That would save a lot of money and time on your part, and it would all be original equipment.

To correctly answer the question about the sunroof/moonroof install... It is very easy to install an aftermarket sunroof provided you have the right tools such as a die-grinder(not the best, gets hot an burns paint), a jig-saw(best if you have a friend to hold the roof from shaking violently :) ) or sheet metal shear (depends on the quality, but easiest) for cutting the roof of your car, normally a template is included to cut out and step-by-step instructions (ya, its a little scary cutting a hole in your roof the first time) I have installed 3 sunroofs without any problems and it only takes about 30-40 minutes start to finish, not including the repair of the headliner. That's the most tedious part, but just requires patience, new headliner material (around $10 a yard if i remember right) and some GOOD! (3M) spray adhesive ($10-15 bux a can). Now about the moonroof, I couldn't really tell ya how difficult it is cuz that's what I am looking into right now, but chances are, if any dummy at a glass shop can install it in a car, why can't you?

Actually its not as hard as the two above say it is. Now doing it yourself is a BAD idea. search the word "moonroof" through any search engine and you'll eventually find out all the thngs that can go wrong. For a few hundred bucks you can have a tilt/slide sunroof added, which is sometimes LESS than what the dealer will charge, when most of this type of sunroof is added AFTER the car has been built anyway. A moonroof, or built-in sliding sunroof would be 900-1400 bucks and would require a loss of headroom, so if you're looking for an aftermarket sunroof, you can easily get a tilt/slide one done for about the same as you would pay if it came with the car.

I put a sunroof into an MGB GT which I got from a scrap yard from a Renault 16 and it went well. Take paper and pen, tape measure and tools to a scrap yard that lets you roam.Find a suitable sun/moon roof (preferably in same type of vehicle) carefully remove the old sun/moon roof make lots of notes, take lots of meaurements and use them to install in your car in reverse order. The hard part is making the first hole/cut in your roof. I marked the opening on masking tape applied to roof. Drilled pilot holes in corners to see where to cut headliner. Headliner cut in big X corner to corner and trimed up during install. Used a jig saw to cut out roof. Like I said it worked for me.

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Q: Is it possible to install a sun or moonroof?
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