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no it is not possible neither is it possible to bite your nose. My friend tried

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Why does your cat lick your ear?

They like to lick you because they like to groom you sometimes.

Is it possible for a fish to lick you?

No it is not possible for a fish to lick you but they do have small tongues.

Where in a girls ear can you blow to make her horny?

lightly on the ear or around the outnside of it. or lick her ear lobe.

Why does a male dog lick a female dog's ear?

Dog ears smell wonderful to other dogs. A male dog will lick a female's dog ear just as readily as it will lick another male dog's ear. This is a grooming habit that dogs perform on one another.

What is the best thing to do to a girl while making out?

Lick her ear

Do giraffes get neck pains?

yes because the have to be able to lick their ear

Is it actually possible to lick your elbow?

No I tried it is not possible so everyone in this world is strong if they work out or not if they dont but i herd this guy say he can.

Is it possible to lick your shoulder?


Is it possible to lick a cervix?

yes it is :)

Is there anyway to lick your ear?

Yes,you stick your tongue out than touch your ear.that's how u stick out your tongue and touch your ear

Can you lick eggs?

Yes, it is possible to lick eggs. But that is not something anyone would want to do.

What should say to your boyfriend to let him know you really do love him?

Lick his ear.

Why does your cat lick your ear wax?

It is trying to suggest that you should clean your ears.

Why does your cat nurse on your hand?

you lick its ear and kiss its bum. then you touch it on the nipples!!

Is it imposible to lick your elbo?

No, it is not impossible to lick your elbow. I am one of those special people and can lick there elbow. I am not sure how it is possible but I know that you can.

Why did my right ear bleed?

It is possible that there was a infection in your ear. And its possible it just came from no reason.

How do you lick your own neck?

It is physically not possible to do.

Is it possible to have an ear infection in each ear?

yes it is! :/

Can you have a zit in your ear?

yes its possible to have a zit on your ear

Does jade look like a whale?

purple hippos lick your ear at night when your sleeping .

What is somthing seductive to do to your boyfriend?

Nibble and lick his earlobe as you whisper seductive comments in his ear.

Can a dog lick its ear?

it depends but my dog can so...yes shes a shih zhu

Is it possible for the inside of your ear to turn white?

No, its not possible for your ear to turn white because of an infection.

Is it possible for your ear to turn different colors?

Its not possible for your ear to turn different colors, its elogical.

Is it possible to lick your own elbow or armpit?

it depends on your flexible but yes it is possible.

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