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Lol, no it isn't possible to make party hats on runescape, sadly. They are strictly a discontinued item that was made during the classic times of runescape. They were in "Christmas Crackers" that you popped, and it gave you a party hat.

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โˆ™ 2009-06-28 18:42:33
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Q: Is it possible to make a party hat in RuneScape?
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Is it possible to make a party hat on runescape?

No you can't make party hat on runescape, they were from a Christmas event a long time ago, if you want a party hat you have to buy one from the GE in varrock, although it would be very expensive.

Can you make a party hat in RuneScape?

No, you cannot make partyhats in RuneScape.

Can you get a free party hat on runescape?

You can't but if in a drop party possible you can get 1

In RuneScape how do you make a partyhat?

Unfortunately, you cannot make a Party Hat (of any colour). They were given out when RuneScape first came out.

How do you make a party hat on the updated runescape?

You can't.

How do you make a fake santa hat in RuneScape?

There is no possible way to duplicate a fake Santa hat in Runescape.

Can you make a party hat on RuneScape?

No, and whoever told you this played a joke on you.

How do you make a party hat in RuneScape?

You cannot make a party hat in Runescape. They were drops in the 2001 Christmas event. They were useless at the time, but now they are one of the most expensive items in Runescape. The only way to get a party hat now is to purchase it from the GE or another player.(WARNING, PARTY HATS COST UPWARDS OF two billion GP)

How do you make a party hat on runescape?

You can't, they were rewards from a long time ago...

RuneScape how to get free partyhat?

In Runescape Today because of the Trade Limit, there is ONLY 1 possible way to get a FREE party hat, that is by going to the Party Drop, but it is VERY VERY rare.

How much does a party hat cost on runescape?

It depends on what kind of Party hat you want. all are 100m+

How do you make a party hat?

Runescape Party hats are expensive and rare. "Real" party hats are easy to make yourself. Roll a sheet of paper into a cone-like shape, and tape the side. Trim the edge and you have a party hat that you can design and color!

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