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Is it possible to patent an idea?

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Yes it is possible, you just need to make a sketch and describe your idea then hand the form to the patent office, a lot of patents now are only ideas.

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What is is a possible consequence of revealing an invention to the outside world before filing for patent protection?

Someone can steal your idea, and patent it.

Is it possible for an established product developer to take an idea submitted with an nda?

Yes you need to be very careful and use a provisional patent to protect your idea.

Is there a do-it-yourself guide on how to patent a new type of motor?

Getting a patent is a great idea to protect your idea. You can apply for a patent online

Can I use someone else's idea if the patent for it is pending?

Yes, but as soon as the patent is granted, you can no longer use the idea.

What is the protection of an inventors idea or invention?

Isnt it called a patentPatent

How do I patent an idea I had?

There are many companies out there that will tell you how to get a patent, however, most are scams. You can apply for a patent with the US Patent Office at

Where can one find information on how to patent your idea?

There are many ways one can find out about information on obtaining a patent on an idea. This includes obtaining the help of a patent attorney or asking in forums.

You have an idea for an educational computer program but you are not a program designer can you patent your idea for the game or do you have to first make the program before seeking a patent?

The U.S. has a 'working provision' patent law that requires you to exploit a patent or forfeit the patent. Second, patents are really expensive.

Protection of an inventors idea?


How does one get paid for an idea?

Apply for a patent on the idea. You can check with a patent attorney, or Google "Patents", which should steer you in the right direction.

How do I get a patent? is a great website. It doesn't teach you how to patent your idea, but it will help you to get the patent. It guides you through the entire process.

What does it mean to patent an idea?

it means with someone steals our idea they they can not do that and get noticed for it you will

What do you do with your invention idea?

If you have an idea for an invention, you can try to patent it. This is a complicated process and is not free, so you should consult a patent attorney. In parallel you should build a prototype to demonstrate the idea. Once you have a patent, you can try to sell the idea to a company that produces similar items, or start your own company.

If I didnt patent my Idea before I went to the Company with It Could they steal my Idea and get away with it And If so how do You go about patenting your idea?

If you didnt patent your idea then yes they could steal the idea if they wanted to and nothing could be done about it unfortunately .

When does one apply for a patent?

One can apply for a Patent when his idea is new and he wants to pursue that idea to make a business but afraid of copycats. In such case he can apply for Patent and then he can be sure that if somebody copies his idea, he can go and sue them with his Patent. There are mainly two types of patents: 1)Utility Patent: If your idea is technical in nature for example a software, machine part, business method, etc. 2)Design Patent: If your idea is simple design and involves only the aesthetic of a product for example design of a bottle, design of mobile phone etc.

Can you sell an idea without a patent?

Yes, you can sell your idea without a patent. A patent is a right granted by the government to exclude others from making, using, selling, offering for sale or importing your invention. You do not need to have a patent in order to sell your idea. The purchaser may desire to file a patent. You may also decide to protect your idea using trade secret laws (like the recipe for Coca Cola). Please be sure to use a non-disclosure agreement when discussing your idea with a potential purchaser. You do not want them hearing your idea and then exploiting it on their own.

If you have an improvement on an invention how do you patent it?

You will want to visit the official Patent and Trademark office online to see if your idea has been patented first then apply for a patent.

Can you patent iPhone applications?

You can typically patent an iPhone application. However, keep in mind that you cannot patent an idea but you can patent software.Review the US Patent and Trademark information and it should help: see related link

Protection of an inventor's idea?

It's called a "patent" :)

How can one protect a patent idea in the European Union?

One can protect a patent idea in the European Union via application submitted to The European Union patent, formally know as European patent. Find as many details as required by searching "European Union patent" on the Wikipedia web page on the internet world wide web.

What does it mean when something is patent?

Patent is when a person invents an idea or product and in order to make it their own so that no one else can use it, they apply for a patent. This insures that only the person who originated the idea may use or profit off of it.

Is Rick Ross name patent?

that is not possible.

What are laws that protect inventors called?

Patent laws protect inventors from having their ideas or products stolen. To get an idea patent, you can contact a patent attorney in your area.

How much will it cost toget a patent on my idea?

Before you file for a patent, you'll need to contact a patent attorney. The cost for attorney time alone is usually around $1500. You'll need drawings of your idea, which run $100 - $150 per page, and a fee for the actual patent itself.

Can kids patent an idea?

Sure, why not? I would think it just has to be a decent idea, with a Prototype to prove it.

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