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Is it possible to put the 3.0 m60 engine in an e46 318?


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I have heard of a guy from MIT transferring an M3 engine and all the works (2001 model I belive) into a 325ci. For the smaller engine in the 318 I think you'd need to upgrade a lot more parts strengthen it up for the big 3.0 engine. So, it can be done, but matters how far you want to take it. A 325 to 330 would be easier. (Double check this answer!)

Why attempt the M60 V8? An M54 3.0L I6 will fit, is should be less work and just as fast. Don't forget you need to upgrade the brakes and suspension to handle the extra weight and power. To do this right you are going to end up spending more money than it would cost to trade to an e46 330i.