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Of course it is!! You just have to stretch your muscles and make sure you are well warmed up. Make sure you are quite flexible before you try it though. Check out my video on YouTube- named 'Legs behind head!' By me, 'KTANDMEGS05'. Try it!

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A lot of people a built like that! Don't stress!!

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Q: Is it possible to put your leg behind your head?
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Is it possible for you to put your foot behind your head?

yes,but most people can not put their foot all the way behind their head.Some people who are very flexible probably can put their foot behind their head.

How do you you do a split?

put one leg in front and the other leg behind and slide down

How do you get out of a full Nelson?

you put your leg behind the persons leg and go forward and that will trip him/her

How do you wizard out of a single leg takedown for folk style?

you take your arm underneath their shoulder and put it behind their head and flex your leg to go straight that way your out of the single leg takedown and you can go back to neutral and make your shot

What happens if you put a egg in your head?

Your leg becomes a chicken

How do you put both of your legs behind your head?

Look straight up; both of your legs are then "behind your head."

How do people kick?

You put your right leg behind your left leg. and move your left leg forwards with your strength. Make sure you are close to the box to touch it.

How do you see behind your head?

Buy a pair of glasses and put them on the back of your head!

Is it possible to put your thumb behind your knuckle?


Put my foot in your head?

i do not think that is possible

What is the function of leg raise in netball?

leg raise is lie on the floor put hands behind your lower back raise your leg 6 inches from the groung for 5 seconds

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