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Is it possible to reappear for MHTCET once admitted to engineering?


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I'm not an authorized personnel from the Department of Education

for the State of Maharastra :) But it should be possible to do that.

If its just to change the college allotment, then I think its bit of a waste.

However, the institutional resources and peer group calibre would affect

you in a positive way ... if you are up to taking and looking out for

challenges :) So, if you feel you can do better a second time, just go for it.

I don't think anybody would care to ask you about your first attempt or it

is necessary for you to mention it later as well.

But there's ton's of good books and material that you could help yourself

with, and there's internet as well. So you can stick to your current

institution as well.

If you are interested in changing your stream to Medicine or something

different altogether then there's no stopping you.

Presuming that you have been admitted to an engineering insitution,

I hope you haven't parted with a significant donation to the institution.

If so, you should really think about doing anything drastic. Although, just

reappearing for another MHT-CET wouldn't hurt you.

So, hopefully you'd just have to incur the additional expenses for the

MHT-CET exam fees apart from your annual engineering college admission


Hope this helps.