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The Accellerated Graphics Port card uses memory completely separate from the motherboard memory. They don't mix. Make sure you use the memory that the AGP card nees in the AGP card, and memory that the motheroboard needs in the motherboard. If you do that, everything will be ok.

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Q: Is it possible to run an AGP card with DDR ram on a motherboard that only supports sdram?
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Can you add a ddr video card to an sdram motherboard?

No, We Can't.

Is it possible to change a graphic card from Intel to nvidia?

Yes, it is. Just make sure that your motherboard has a port that supports the video card you want to get.

What is the difference between a sdram and a mobile sdram?

Physical size of the memory card. Mobile sdram is smaller than sdram for desktops.

Can you take a sound card from one PC and install it in another?

Of course, as long as the new motherboard supports it.

Can an elitegroup motherboard p4vxasd2 support a ddr memory card?

It supports ddr (first generation - ddr1).

Can a DDR3 graphic card work in a DDR2 motherboard?

YES. The type of memory on a graphics card has absolutely nothing to do with the type of memory being used by the CPU/motherboard. The only concern in compatibility is the type of expansion bus slot that the motherboard supports, and the type needed by the graphics card.

I have a PC with the following details 2.93GHz 1.5GB Ram Pentium 4 256MB video card Is it possible to get or put or insert an external graphic card to it?

Graphics cards connect to the computer only through the connectors present on the motherboard so an external graphics card is unfortunately not an option. You can always switch your video card entirely, but be sure to check if the motherboard you have supports it.

Will my old memory card work with a brand new motherboard or will it have to be reset?

Harddrives will work as long as the motherboard supports the interface. SATA requires SATA. IDE requires an IDE port. Ram may or may not, that depends on the motherboard and if it supports the speed of your ram. USB drives should be fine. I'm not sure of the use of a memory card for computers...

How do you overclock your motherboard?

It is not possible to overclock your motherboard. However other components of your computer are overclockable. Such as your video card, processor and memory.

What video adapter card is compatible with a seagate st3400620as?

You could use a PCIe 16x video card if your motherboard supports it. The hard drive doesn't really matter when choosing your video card.

Can you use an ati video card in a motherboard that's made for and sli video card?

Yes you can use an ati video card in a sli motherboard, however you cannot put two ati graphics cards in that motherboard and run them in sli. As far as putting one in and just running it single your ok. You would need a motherboard that supports Crossfire to run two ati graphics cards together.

What will i do if a motherboard cannot support a graphic card?

Get a new motherboard or a new graphics card.

How many video card slots are on a motherboard?

normally the motherboard have 1 slot for video card.

What is SLI in graphics card of a computer?

SLI is not in the graphics card SLI is running two or more of the same graphics cards at the same time to increase the performance but you need a power supply and a motherboard that supports it

What can be a separate card and built into a motherboard?

A graphics card can be a separate, add on, card but the functionality can also be built into the motherboard to save space.

What Graphics card will work on a K7VM3 Asrock Motherboard?

Any AGP 4x Graphics card will work on this motherboard.

Where is the graphic card located on the motherboard?

If i am not mistaken i believe the Video Card is run off of the North Bridge of the motherboard.

How do you locate graphics card?

Locate the connector where the CRT plugs in. If it plugs in to a separate card, that's the graphics card. If it plugs in directly to the motherboard then the graphics card is integral to the motherboard.

Which form factor users a riser card on the edge of a motherboard?

The NLX form factor has a riser card on the edge of the motherboard.

A slot on the motherboard into which a controller card for a peripheral device is inserted?

location on the motherboard into which a controller card for a peripheral device is stored

Why your motherboard doesn't recognize LAN card?

Because Your Local Area Network Card is not supported by your motherboard or not secured is in place

Can you get a graphic card for fujitsu lifebook a512?

The Graphics Card in the Fujitsu Lifebook a512 is not removable or upgradable. If you want to upgrade the Graphics Card, it isn't possible. If you have a faulty Graphics Card, then you will need to have the entire Motherboard replaced.

How do you find a graphics card that fit your motherboard?

Read the owner's manual for your motherboard.

Can you use 2 PCIe graphic card in the same motherboard for 4 lcd monitors?

yes, if your motherboard supports crossfire and your graphics cards support eyefinity (at least 3 of your monitors will need to support display port, or you will need to purchase active adapters for them)

Did there has any motherboard where you can play any game without grafic card?

Every PC has to have either graphics embedded into the motherboard or either a a dedicated graphics card that fits into an expansion slot on the motherboard. You can buy a motherboard without graphics, but you would need to supply a graphics card to go with it.