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Yes. Taking the pills that way does not increase the risk of pregnancy.

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What if you take the pill before your period is over?

It's perfectly fine. It just cuts it shorter, depending on how many placebo pills you have and when the next normal pill is after your placebo pills. I have 4 placebo pills in my pack and when I finish them I'm usually still on my period. After taking one normal pill the next day after finishing my placebo pills, my period starts to get lighter and lighter until its gone.

Can period predictors predict your first period?

No. that is not possible. Nobody can predict like that. If it does, it's a powerful placebo effect.

Time it takes for a girl to have a period on placebo?

it should be normal if u know its a placebo but i think u might have the definition of placebo incorrect a placebo is like a sugar pill if it does what they say it will do its just your mind not the pill look it up on wikipedia

Is it normal to not start your period on the first day of placebo pills?

Yes. Most people will see the withdrawal bleeding start between the second and fifth days of placebo pills.

Is it normal to have your period when you have skipped the placebo birth control pills to skip that months period?

Skipping the placebo pills does not work for everyone. Although this is a commonly used method there is a SMALL perecentage of women who find that doing this causes them to have a period which is longer than usual and experience more cramping.

Is it possible to have no symptoms and a normal period if you're pregnant?

Yes, it is possible.

Is it possible to have a period for 2 days?

yes it is possible and it is perfectly normal

Can you have your period while you are 5 months pregnant?

It is slightly possible but it wouldn't be a normal period.

Is it normal to a have a 3 week period after switching birth control pills?

No, if this is occurring, then you should not be using that pill. See your doctor.

How long does it take until your period arrives when on the pill?

Usually, your period while come during the placebo week of your pills. If you have not started your period even after the placebo week, you should take a pregnancy test.

Is it possible that you are pregnant when you have a lighter than normal period?

Hi, Yes a lighter than normal period is a sign of pregnancy hun. Do a test.

When does the birth control pill become effective after switching?

If you're switching from one pill to another with no more than the normal sugar-pill break, there is no waiting period for the new pill to become effective.

If you take more than one placebo pills will your period start sooner?

Placebo pills do nothing to your body. Nothing at all.

Is it possible to have a normal pregnancy symptoms before missing a period?


Is it normal to still have a period or to even spot blood during early pregnancy?

yes it is normal no but it is possible

Can you have what seems like a period and is the same flow as your normal period but be pregnant?

Yes it's possible, but not common.

What if you don't have a period while on birth control pills?

it is normal and can be fixed by changing your pills-see your doctor for more advice in switching meds

You have been on the pill for 20 years If you skip placebo pills will period go back to normal next month?

Probably. It's hard to predict and varies from woman to woman.

Do you skip the placebo pills if you start your period early?

You can, but it's not necessary.

Would it be possible for normal spotting during pregnancy to be a little heavy - not period heavy - but a small flow?

Yes it is possible if this isn't normal for you.

Is it possible to have cramps before a period?

Yes, premenstrual cramping is very normal.

Are you not supposed to get a period while on the pill?

You should still get a period each month while on birth control. You will usually start your period during the week that you take your placebo pills, because they have no hormones in them. If you skip the placebo pills and start your active pills instead, this will delay your period.

Is skipping your period on the pill bad?

Skipping your period on the birth control pill, whether it happens with normal use or because you skipped the placebo week on purpose, isn't bad. It doesn't increase the risk of pregnancy, and causes no damage.

Is it possible for a woman to have a period if she is pregnant?

Hello. Yes it is possible for a woman to be pregnancy and experience light bleeding during early pregnancy, similar to a period. Pregnancy bleeding will not be heavy or a normal period.

When on birth control pills do you still take the green placebo pill if you dont start your period?

You're supposed to start your period after you start taking the placebo pills. To keep on a routine, you should take the placebo pills on their designated days (the last 7 days of the 28 day cycle).