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I believe you can- talk to your councelor or whoever handles transfers within your school.

2006-08-30 02:34:21
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Will high school credits transfer from English schools to American schools?

Yes, although it depends with the type of high school and their system of education. There are high schools that transfer credits from English schools to the American schools.

Do most high schools offer a high school art curriculum?

Yes, most high schools offer at least some instruction in art. In case another school has a better art curriculum it may be possible for your son to transfer to that particular high school.

Can you transfer from one graduate school to another?

It is possible to transfer from one graduate school to another. Not every university excepts transfer credits for graduate school.

Can you transfer graduate school credit for a PhD program to another graduate school?

Yes you can. Different schools take different credits and requirements, but most schools will transfer some or all credit.

Can you transfer from law school or med school to a completely different graduate school program?

That will depend on the school. Some will allow you to transfer between schools. Others might require you to simply reapply.

Can you transfer schools during your senior year in high school?

Yes you can . to play sports at that school is different

Can you transfer schools in high school?

Yes, you can transfer from one school to another. Just remember that your grades and transcript information will be combined from each school that you attend. For example, if you went to Airport High School and then transferred to Orange High School, your GPA would be a combination of the classes you took at both schools.

What happened in high schools in the 1920?

Not much they were just getting started. One of the early school bus routes was started for high schools.

Can you transfer your online courses to your high school to receive your diploma?

yes in some schools you can but some schools might reject you

Are there any schools in Australia which do not have a compulsory school uniform?

Yes it is possible that school do not have uniforms.

How do you transfer to another school?

talk to it with your parents and ask them to have a discussion with yhe teacher. if it is possible, talk with the principle and check with the other school where you want to transfer.

How do you convince your mom to let you transfer schools in the middle of the semester?

look up information about your current school and then the school, you want to transfer to. compare them and show good reasons why you should transfer immediately to that school (academic wise) suppose your current school doesnt offer what you want at the other school etc

Can you transfer schools in Harry Potter?

It was never mentioned in the series if you could change what school you attended.

Can You Transfer To Another School If You're Suspended?

Yes but if you were suspended then some schools might not take you.

Is it possible to change high schools if applied to late?

For many schools the answer is yes. Call your school district center or your school to find out more information.

Do credits from Keller Graduate School of Management transfer?

Keller Graduate School is an accredited University and credits received will transfer to another college or university. They also accept transfer credits from other accredited schools of higher education.

What schools did Andrew Carnegie go to?

He did not go to school. He started work at 18.

Can a person transfer high schools over the phone?

A person might be able to inform the school of the intent to transfer over the phone. They will likely have to sign some paperwork and send it to the school as well.

What months do schools in Iowa start or end?

The Des Moines Public Schools 2017-2018 school year started with the first day of school on August 23rd. The last day of school will be May 30 for elementary and middle schools and May 31 for high schools.

Can you transfer schools with the gi bill?

yes you definatly can. you just have to find a school that except it. good luck!

Are all schools in London accredited?

Although there are many accredited schools in London, no all schools are. Especially if one is traveling abroad, the school credits may not transfer back and forth.

Do Chinese SCHOOLS have the same uniform as UK schools?

Since the school chooses the uniform it is possible. It is also very unlikely.

What year was the three point play started in high school?

it was started in 1986 when schools made physical contact legal

When did a school start bullying?

There isn't a specific date when it started but it has been in schools for ages.

How do write a letter of intent to transfer a new school?

When writing a letter of intent to transfer schools, you want to be sure to give clear reason why you would like to attend the school. You also should include information as to why you are leaving your current school.