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Until a pro comes along to provide a technical answer, I'll provide some thoughts. AA versus AAA in battery description is only a matter of PHYSICAL size, and CAPACITY, IF they are of the SAME TYPE [i.e., alkaline, Nickel-Cadmium, Nickel-Metal Hydride, etc.]. They both provide the same voltage, and the only real difference is how long they can run the same device. Because of the difference in physical size, they will not fit in battery holders designed for the other. However, in an emergency sitation, if you can connect the positive and negative terminal ends of the batteries to the proper positive and negative terminals of the device, then they can be substituted for each other. Regarding the differences of the TYPES of batteries, the only practical difference is the output voltage, which varies slightly. For example, a fresh alkaline AA or AAA battery has an output voltage of 1.5 volts DC. If I recall correctly, a Nickel-Cadmium battery output is about 1.2 to 1.25 volts DC, and the Nickel-Metal Hydride output is about 1.2 volts DC. Hope this helps. j3h

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What are facts about the battery?

I know some battery facts like double A batteries last longer that triple A batteries

What is the product of triple fusion in angiosperm?

The product of triple fusion is an endosperm which is formed as a result of fusion of two polar nuclei with a male gamete during the process of double fertilization in angiosperms.

What is a double triple double?

Ehat is a double triple

Why is a triple A battery smaller than a triple A battery?

Because of it's dimensions

How long does a Panasonic triple a battery last?

a panasonic triple a battery last about 4 hours nonstop.

What is an adduct?

An adduct is the product of an addition reaction - a reaction in which radicals are added to both sides of a double or triple bond.

What are two possible combinations to beat a double bullseye in darts using first two darts?

Two possibilities are: 2*Triple-20 = 120 Triple-20 + Triple-14 = 102

What is a double-triple in basketball?

It's not a double-triple, it's a triple-double. 10 in three stats-points, assists, rebounds etc.

The triple product of 6a and b2?

The "triple product" is defined for vectors. You can't calculate a triple product if you don't know the components of the vectors (or some other information, that allows you to calculate those).

A volt of a triple a battery?


Why can Florine form double or triple bonds?

Fluorine does not form double or triple bonds.

What is the product of the reaction C13H10 CH3OH?

I think it depends to the strucure of your C13H10... It depends if its ring shape or double bonded or triple bonded...

What two combinations can close out a double bulls eye?

triple 17 + double 20, or triple 19 + double 17.

Carbon forms how many bonds?

Four bonds. It can form double and triple bonds, possible combinations that a carbon atom can have are, (a) 4 single bonds, (b) 1 double and (c)2 single, 1 triple and 1 single

Does pasta double or triple in size after cooked?

I haven't found ant that will triple, but most of it will double.

What bond is strongest single double or triple?

A triple bond is the strongest, followed by a double, and then a single.

Single double triple what is 10?


Is triple dot product defined?

If by "triple dot product" you mean u·v·w, then no, because that would imply the existence of a dot product between a vector and a scalar.

What forms fatty acids woth one or more pairs of carbon atoms linked by double or triple bonds?

Fatty acids that contain carbon atoms linked by double or triple bonds are unsaturated. They do not have the maximum number of hydrogen atoms possible.

What is a triple double in basketball terms?

a triple double in basketball is when a player has points scored, rebounds and assists in double digits - like 10,10,10

What year did Oscar Robinson average a triple double?

He averaged a triple-double in 1961-1962 BY the next LeBron

Are triple bonds stronger or weaker than double bonds?

Triple bonds are stronger than double bonds.

Comapre between double DES and Triple DES?

double DES is less secure than triple DES triple DES is much slower than double DES double DES is within the range of brute force attack. but triple DES is not in the range of brute force attack.

What is a triple-double in basketball?

A triple-double is when you record three double-digit stats. The most common triple-double involves points, assists, and rebounds. For example, 24 points, 12 assists, and 14 rebounds. You can have a triple-double involving any stat except for turnovers. A player could only score 4 points and get only 3 assists, but get a triple-double by having 13 rebounds, 11 blocks, and 15 steals. That is a rarity, but it counts as a triple-double. To be more precise, it is when a player records double-digit values for three statistical categories. It is not limited to points, rebounds, and assists although this is the typical method by which players attain a triple-double A basketball player accomplishes a triple double by reaching double digits in 3 of the following: assists, rebounds, points, steals, and blocks. In most cases the 3 doubles are assists, rebounds, and points. There have also been 4 quadruple doubles in the NBA, when players reached double digits in 4 of the above stats. The quadruple double has only been possible since the 1973-1974 season, when the NBA began counting steals and blocks.

Does SO2 have a triple bond?

No there are no triple bonds.There are two double bonds.