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anong meron sa apitong sap bakit ito makagawa ng fiberglass ?

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Q: Is it possible to use apitong tree sap to create fiberglass also can you add plastic to strengthen the fiber glass?
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Is a 2001 Honda Accord rear bumper made out of fiberglass carbon fiberglass or plastic?

It is made out of plastic.

Why can you slide faster down a slide when you sit on a plastic or fiberglass mat?

The plastic or fiberglass has a lower coefficient of friction.

Is ABS plastic as strong as fiberglass?


Is a 2001 Honda Accord rear bumper made out of fiberglass or carbon fiberglass?

Neither, it is plastic.

What parts of fiberglass are synthetic?

The fiber part - its plastic.

What is a snowmobile made of?

steel, aluminum, plastic and fiberglass

Why is plastic used in loft insulation?

Plastic. fiberglass. ceramic. cork, eider down is not the insulation... the insulation is the dead air in the small cells plastic is combustible, glass is not fiberglass is a better choice for habitable areas

Where does fiberglass come from?

Fiberglass is made from plastic and glass. It is commonly used as insulation in houses as well as commercial buildings.

How do you fix a cracked fender?

If it's cracked, it might be made of fiberglass, or plastic. Fiberglass patch or two part epoxy.

What is the difference between fiberglass and lexan?

Lexan is a polycarbonate plastic. Fiberglass is exactly that, fibers of glass bound together with a resin.

What is fiberglass made out of?

Fiberglass is literally made from the fibers of glass. It is generally used to reinforce plastic products. Fiberglass is simply glass fibers used to reinforce a polymer. You can even create fiberglass designs at home.

Are swimming pool ladders made of fiberglass?

Some can be. They are usually made of metal and plastic. I have seen a few fiberglass ladders though.