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A hearing to determine whether evidence can be used. If it was obtained with probable cause or not or otherwise illegally or simply may not pertain to the case

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Is it proper to request an evidentiary hearing in a civil matter when you have not received the requested discovery from Plaintiff but the judge will not dismiss the case based on this fact?

This question touches on several issues. (1) you can file a motion requesting an evidentiary hearing if you like - it will either be granted or denied. (2) If you have filed for discovery then the plaintiff MUST comply with the order - the question then becomes, how much time is enough time to produce it? (3) The judge may not be inclined to do a full dismissal of the case, pending the delivery of the discovery material. How do you KNOW the judge won't dismiss the case? Have you filed a motion for dismissal and been denied? If so, the denial should have stated on what grounds the request was denied.

How do you file for a motion to dismiss for failure to answer a discovery?

You file a motion to compel (take a look at federal rules of civil procedure 26 and 37) asking the Court for sanctions against the party. One of the remedies may be to dismiss a claim etc..

What preposition goes after dismiss?


What is the meaning of moved to dismiss?

When you want a court to do something, you make a motion. If you make a motion to dismiss, you move to dismiss. If I moved to dismiss, I'm asking the court to dismiss whatever case is in front of me.

A sentence with the word dismiss?

A sentence with the word dismiss is "The judge had to dismiss court because of bad weather."

What is a sentence for the word dismiss?

It is agreed then, we will dismiss him from the force.He will likely dismiss it as a hoax.

What is the difference between dispose and dismiss?

Dispose-- to throw away Dismiss--to let go ( as dismiss from class) or to ignore

What is a sentence for dismiss?

I am ready for the teacher to dismiss the class now.

What is the root word of dismiss?

The root word of dismiss is miss

Elizabethan use of pronoun and verb?

" We dismiss thee." meaning I dismiss you.

How do you use 'currently' and 'dismiss' in the same sentence?

Currently, we don't dismiss the students until late afternoon.

How do you spell dismiss?

That is the correct spelling of "dismiss" (to terminate, to end a session, or to disregard).

What petition do you need to file to dismiss a restraining order?

In order to dismiss a restraining order, you will need to petition a "Dismiss Protection Order" with the court system.

Which officerholders can the president cannot dismiss?

The president can not dismiss any elected officials. The only people that he can dismiss are those that he appoints directly, such as his cabinet and ambassadors.

Who can dismiss the governor in India?

The President can dismiss him on grounds of bribery,treason or violation of the constitution.

On evony How do you dismiss a hero when it is mayor?

First you should make the mayor idle, then dismiss it.

Why did dutch sailors dismiss Australia and it inhabitants?

Why did Dutch sailors dismiss Australia and its inhabitants

What is the noun form of dismiss?

The noun forms for the verb to dismiss are dismissal and the gerund, dismissing.

What is the Igbo word for dismiss?

The Igbo word for "dismiss" of the Western African origin is gbasaa.

How many pages does Lord Dismiss Us have?

Lord Dismiss Us has 378 pages.

What is the ISBN of Lord Dismiss Us?

The ISBN of Lord Dismiss Us is 978-0552080422.

Why did the Food Network dismiss Paula Deen?

The Food Network has refused to renew their contract with 66 year old Paula Deen due to the discovery of a series of racial slurs that she has been accused of using.

Does Missouri dismiss criminal records?

More info required from questioner - what do you mean by "dismiss" a criminal record.

Can the President of the US dismiss the US Congress?

No, the president can not dismiss Congress, However he can call it back into session.

What is a sentence using the word dismiss?

"I did not dismiss you," said the teacher when her students stood up too early.