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YES! Wow, call the newspaper. They don't have more than 2 typically. There is a breed of sheep called the Finnsheep that has beeen documented to have up to 8 lambs. The Finnsheep have almost "litters" of 3 or 4 lambs on a regular basis.

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Q: Is it rare for a ewe to have six lambs?
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What is a female sheep that has had a lamb?

A ewe. Young female lambs are referred to as ewe lambs.

Offspring of ewe?


Young of an ewe?


How many lambs can a ewe have?

Over her breeding life a ewe can have a number of lambs, each gestation she usually has one or two lambs but possibly three and rarely four.

What is the name of a mother lamb?

A ewe has lambs

How many lambs does a sheep have?

Normally a ewe will have a single or twin lambs but she can have triplets or quads.

What is the gender of a ewe?

A ewe is a female sheep. (Very young sheep, male and female, are lambs.)

Young female sheep is called?

Ewe lambs

Whats the name of a lambs mom?

A ewe or sheep.

How many lambs are born per sheep?

Typically each ewe gives birth to one or two lambs.

How many lambs are born each year in the United States?

The national average is 1.1 lambs per ewe per year. Sheep producers are weaning 20 percent more lambs per ewe in this country than 10 years ago.

Immature female sheep?

Ewe lambs are young female sheep.

What is an ewes' offspring?

ewe = female sheep Ewes have lambs.

What is a lambs mama called?

Lamb mothers' name is called an ewe

Is a ewe a mammal?

Yes. Female sheep are mammals. They nurse their lambs.

How can a sheep rear four lambs?

The lambs take turns at the milk baa (bar) or alternatively the farmer can try to foster two of the lambs onto another milking ewe or top the lambs milk up with artifical milk.

What is a Babie ewe called?

An ewe is a Female sheep. Sheep, when young, share the same name for both males and females. They're both called lambs.

What if a sheep goes longer than 170 gestation?

The lambs may have died inside the ewe.

What are lady lambs called?

if it's more than one its ewes but single it's ewe

Whats a mature male sheep called?

A mature female sheep is called a ewe. Yoe is a slang term for ewe. A young female is called a ewe lamb. The process of giving birth to lambs is called lambing.

How can you tell if your ewe is pregnant?

You could an ultrasound done, do a ballotment or wait five months and see if she lambs.

Where do sheep have lamb?

Sheep give birth in the paddock or in lambing sheds. ************ That depends on where they are living and when they are lambing. Some sheep have their lambs in barns (protected from late winter weather), and often they have them in a lambing stall (to give them privacy and help the ewe to focus on the lambs). When ewes have their lambs in the late spring or summer, they often have them in the field where they are kept. This is not a problem for the lambs unless there is severe weather. At a neighbor's sheep farm, if bad weather is expected, they try to catch the ewe and her lambs and bring them into the safety of the barn.

Do foxes attack sheep?

Yes, ewes with lambs will be targetted in the lambing season especially if the ewe has trouble giving birth.

What ram to mate with a suffolk ewe?

Any breed of ram but if you want Suffolk lambs and not crossbreds than a Suffolk ram.

How lamb is made?

Lamb is what the progeny/offspring of sheep are called. To make lamb you need a ewe and a ram, they copulate and then if the ewe falls pregnant in five months she will have lambs. These lambs are then grown to a certain size, taken to the market and sold to an abattoir, slaughtered humanely and cut up and then packaged and sold in the supermarket as lamb.