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It is not as common of a prescription as most of the time the two eyes are similar. There are many factors that can affect this, such as axial length (how long your eyeball is) and any injuries to the eyes, especially when younger. This condition, known as anisometropia, is not usually a concern unless the difference between the eyes is more than 4 diopters. (Source: I am an optometrist)

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For a majority of people in our country who have vision problems, yes it can be. I personally met a young boy who had glasses specifically made because he was nearsighted in his left eye and farsighted in his right. I think it is a growing issue, though, but possibly not a permanent one. Lasic (eye) surgery or time spent wearing glasses can ease this symptom, or possibly reverse it if one were to get their eyes operated on so that they may have corrected vision.

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Q: Is it rare to be nearsighted in one eye and farsighted in the other?
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Can you be both nearsighted and farsighted?

Yes, you can be nearsighted in one eye and farsighted in the other, but that's rare. Since both conditions are caused by the shape of the eye, they're usually the same. There is also a condition called astigmatism in which it is possible to be both nearsighted & farsighted in the same eye ... but to the person with this condition vision is just a blur without correction.

Which president had one eye that was nearsighted and the other farsighted?

James Buchanan

What is the differ between farsighted and near sighted?

Farsighted focuses behind the eye and is corrected with a corrective lens. Nearsighted focuses in front of your eye and is corrected with a corrective lens.

Why is Jose wear glasses?

Jose wears glasses because he has eye problems. Jose could be nearsighted or Jose could be farsighted.

Can you be nearsighted in one eye and farsighted in the other?

Yep you can be. I am! I've got one lazy eye cause my brain can't meld two confusing images. I have to use one eye at a time while the other becomes background. Yes you can, I have the same condition but I didn't develop a lazy eye. The condition is called Anisometropia.

How do you know if you're near sighted?

There are two basic kinds of vision problems-- one is called being nearsighted and the other is called being farsighted. If you are nearsighted, your eyesight has an easier time seeing things that are close up, and a difficult time seeing things that are far away. Conversely, if you have a much easier time seeing objects that are farther away, you may be farsighted. If you find that you can only see things that are near to you, and you have to get closer to see things clearly, you may want to get an eye examination to see if you are nearsighted.

Why can nearsighted people see better underwater than people with 20 20 vision?

When light changes from traveling in one medium to another, it will 'bend' or refract. However, water and your eye basically have the same refractive index, so the light will barely bend (unlike in air.) Your lens can't properly compensate for the lack of the refraction, so a normal person would become more farsighted, a farsighted person would become even more farsighted. However, a severely nearsighted person would get closer to normal as their eye defects compensate more for the lack of refraction.

What do you do when one eye is farsighted and the other eye is fine?

Wear a contact lens in one eye. Or you can get glasses where one eye is basically plain glass.

Is the retina used by nearsighted or farsighted people?

The retina is a light sensitive layer located at the back of the eye and is used by near and far sighted people.The lens of the eye controls how images are projected onto the retina and this is what causes sight problems such as near and far sight.

What do eye glasses do?

I'm pretty sure they just provide a glass median to change your eye's focal point. Since our eyes can get strained over time, which changes our focal point to become nearsighted or farsighted, glasses vary in thickness to compensate for the problematic focal point.

How do you tell if you have the chimera disease?


When was First pair of eye glasses?

The first pair of eyeglasses were invented in 1285. But That was only when the first pair of farsighted glasses were invented. The first pair of nearsighted glasses were invented in about 1430. Only higher class people could afford them. -00-

is there laser eye surgery for people that are farsighted?

Yes, Laser treatment is now available for the farsighted too. It cost around 40000RS.

Where does a farsighted eye focuses an image?

It focuses it in front of the retina

How can one know if they are farsighted?

People who are farsighted have trouble seeing things that are close to them, especially things like words in a book or other small objects. If one has difficulty seeing things that are near to them, they should visit their eye doctor for an exam and diagnosis.

Where does a convex lens make an image fall for a farsighted person A beyond the retina of the eye B before the retina of the eye C on the retina of the eye?

on the retina of the eye

Where in the eye should an image form for a nearsighted person to see clearly?

The Retina

How would you describe a nearsighted person's eye?

The focal point is in front of the retina

Like your eye a camera has a lens that focuses light to form an image But unlike your eye the lens of camera is moved back-and-forth to focus light?

Actually, the lens on your eye moves just like the lens of a camera to focus light. People who are nearsighted or farsighted have trouble focusing on objects that are very close or very far away. Since the lens on your eye isn't as big as the lens on a camera, it's just harder to observe it moving.

What does farsighted mean?

Farsighted means you can see things from afar really well but things that are near you have a harder time seeing. Farsighted people sometimes have headaches or eye strain and may squint or feel fatigued when performing work at close range.

Why can't a farsighted person see objects that are nearby?

Their eye balls are too short/small

Is antimetropia a refractive disorder?

Antimetropia is a definition of the type of refractive error you (or someone) may have. It means that one eye is hyperopic (farsighted) and the other myopic (near sighted).

How do eye glasses improve the sight of a nearsighted person?

They correct the path of the light entering the eye so that it will focus a sharp image on the retina.

How much do special lenses cost in cataract surgery?

If i want one eye to be nearsighted and the other far sighted after cataract surgery how much do the special lens cost

Why are people nearsighted?

There is some evidence that myopia, also known as nearsightedness, can be inherited. As you get older your vision may change too. Another reason one may be nearsighted is because of constant eye strain.

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