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Is it really risky to have a baby when you are over 36?


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2005-06-01 14:59:21
2005-06-01 14:59:21

There is risk with any pregnancy sometimes. My aunt had a child at 35 and they are both fine. Talk with your doctor about your concerns. Pregnancy is automatically high risk if you are over 35, but chances are everything will be just fine. People do it all the time.


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NO i am 18 and my son's father is 36 and my baby boy is healthy.

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'Tengo/Soy 36 anos' (with a squiggly line over the 'n') means I am 36 years old. It is not really correct to say "soy 36 años."

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If a baby is born at 36 weeks, the baby will probably be fine. Many women go into labour at 36 weeks.

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You are not "ready to have your baby" if you are only 36 weeks. It would be dangerous for your baby, who would be born a preemie.

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