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It's ok for a girl to go to a dance with a guy but if the girl likes the guy you may want to go to the dance with her not him!!!


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Definitley ask her to the dance as a friend and not as a girlfriend. If you ask as a girlfriend it is a lot of pressure for the first time going out together.

Jacob isn't going to the dance with anybody, it is not his school and he has got nothing to do there except for talking to Bella.

You do the same thing(s) you would do if you didn't have a dance except now you have the option of going to a dance.

I kind a have a girlfriend but im pretty sure you need one say that your going to a school dance and im pretty sure shell say yes if shes not goth.Im only in 4th grade and I almost have one.Im scared to ask.Shes in my class.

its going to come on nick at noon. :) Its an episode about frankies first day at monster high and the dawn of the dance. (their school dance)And how she survives the first week of High School

no but you can dance with your aunt if she is sexy

No, because then it is going to be another school's attendance record.

.. Most likely... Since "Just Dance" is such a major game ➸✏ ℃♄αηḓłℯя

Honesty is always the best policy. Come clean to your girlfriend.

One can learn a Pakistani dance by going to a good dance school. Nowadays people can also watch videos on the internet that show a dance step by step.

yes, they kissed when Selena and drew did on stage when they find out shes going to dance school, they are in the corner and you only see for a second

No. There will be no more High School Musicals

If you are going with a guy, let them meet the guy. Tell them that they can call you at any time during the dance, and if you can hear your phone you will answer it. Tell them they can call the school office and talk to them about and supervision or questions they have about the dance. Tell them that they can pick you up from the dance and take you there so they know that you are going only to the dance. Do not wear a dress that might be too revealing. Just let them know that they can trust you.

Justin Bieber is not looking for a girlfriend as he is already going out with another popstar teenage sensation Selena Gomez.

1. In school, you should talk to her(not near her friends) and ask "Are you going to the dance with anyone?" 2. If she isn't going with anyone, then say " I was wondering because I wanted to know if you would go with me to the dance." 3. If she says yes, say thank you. If she says no, say "I understand. Thank you." 4. If she said yes, then the day of the dance, dance the night away.

You Are The Space Invader - Prinzhorn Dance School

YES so people are intrested in going to it or doing it

No, the term 'dance fad' means a dance that is popular or fashionable for only a short time, then replaced by another popular dance. A dance is a collective event, a group of people going to a specific place for the purpose of dancing.

Yes he does they have been together since high school and are still going strong

a semi formal is a dance at a school where everyone in the school gets dressed up all fansy and have a nice dance!!1im going tomorrow;D im wearing black dress pants a lighter purple drees shirt an a black tie(its a good combonation)

Je vais danser = I am going to dance

Sorry, I'm afraid that getting a girlfriend/boyfriend on Build-A-Bearville is against the rules. Try going on another site instead.

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