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Medication decisions should always be made in concert with your physician. Oral albuterol has somewhat fallen out of favor, due to the prominent side effects for the clinical benefits. However, you should discuss any decision to take or not take a medication with your physician.

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โˆ™ 2008-07-24 04:00:39
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Q: Is it safe for a two-month-old to be prescribed oral Albuterol?
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Is it safe to take LSD if you are using Albuterol sulfate?

LSD is never safe.

How safe is Albuterol on an unborn baby?

Albuterol is extremely safe if you are taking it for asthma. An alternative type is used in pregnancy to reduce uterine irritability for women who are at risk of premature labor, as it relaxes smooth muscle.

What controlled substance schedule is Albuterol in?

As a baseline, albuterol is considered by the DEA to be uncontrolled. But there are some states that consider otherwise. To be on the safe side, many vendors consider it controlled anyway.

Are steroids safe?

No Steroids are perfectly safe and beneficial when taken as prescribed.

Is trazodone safe for dogs?

No. I needs to be prescribed by a qualified vet to be safe.

Prescription drugs are safe to take when driving is safe as long as prescribed by a doctor?

are always okay to take when driving as long as they are prescribed by a doctor

Are Tadafafil tablets safe?

If prescribed by your doctor.

How many cytotec is recommended to abort 9 weeks?

Te doctor that prescribed them to you should have given you instruction. Especially since there are oral and vaginal ones. If you don't have a safe abortion provider where you are you can go to a safe site like womenonwaves or womenonweb and see a doctor there.

Is taking Viagra and cyprofloxacin safe?

When it comes to prescribed meds always speak to your doctor who prescribed it to you.

Is Xanax safe for dogs?

yes it is if prescribed for your friend has his dog on xanax that is prescribed by his vet.

If a person who doesn't have the swine flu is prescribed flu medications and takes it is it safe?

If the person is prescribed by a doctor it is safe. But if they are taking it for fun it is probably like a drug.

Can a human take Doxycycline that was prescribed for a dog?

no, it is not safe

Is it safe to give Rimadyl to your cat?

If your veterinarian prescribed it.

How safe is fentanlyl?

Fentanyl Patches are safe when prescribed AND used as prescribed. Fentanyl Patches cannot be cut. You must wash your hands with soap and water after handling a patch or its pouch.

Is it safe to take adderall and vicodin?

Yes. The two drugs do not react with one another. If you have been prescribed Adderall and take it on a daily basis, then it is safe to take vicodin as prescribed for pain. If you are taking more than prescribed, then you shouldn't mix them.

Is it safe to take oral whitening products?


What medications are safe for your dog?

None, unless prescribed by a vet.

Is 100mg of Fluoxetine Safe?

As long as it is what the docter prescribed, Yes

Is alprazolam safe?

If taken as prescribed & if you're not allergic, yes.

32 week pregnant prescribed augmentin 875mg is it safe?

i am 32 weeks and have laryngitis...been prescribed augmentine 625mg...

Is it safe to take serequel with vicodin?

I'm assuming you were prescribed these drugs or will be prescribed these drugs by a doctor.. That's who you should be asking.

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