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Many things are safe when given to children.


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No, it is not recommended to give these to children. There are children-safe tablets available designed specifically for children.

by looking after them and give them advise

Yes Runescape is safe for children, but DO make sure that they don't give out any personal information.

It must be safe, otherwise our grandparents would not give it to their grand children.

Never. Chinchillas eat children.

Answer:No, Melatonin is not necessary nor safe for children.Answer:yes, but you should only give them half a pill to one pill, depending on their age.

Maca is a natural herb that grows naturally. You can give your children maca, but you need to check with your doctor to make sure they are not allergic.

If a mushroom is safe for consumption by anyone, then it is safe for children.

no is good for children

i dont know dats y im answering u

Download Pika Pika App to do parental control on the children and give a safe atmosphere to the kids.

Ice rinks are safe for the children 10 or older.

Homeopathic Nux vomica is safe for children as it is potentised

if the child has a facebook , myspace, ect. you can make them give you their password because it will help you out with making them to stay safe

Currently there are four activities geared towards children that are safe and enjoyable in the city of Oceanside, California. The Oceanside Museum of Art, the John Landes Skate Park, and the Guajome County Park all give children a chance to interact.

Parents can give permission to their children to live anywhere it is safe.

please do not give your children phenergan. if the medication was not prescribed to them there is no safe dose. self medicating children is very dangerous there are various allergic reactions that you may not know of and there are always side effects. you could end up killing the child if you try. see a doctor

yes !! its safe to give out your friend code!!!

Yes, sauna suits are safe for the children, but don't use them in the sauna.

Yes, they are safe for many children. Smaller children should get duplo sets.

yes and no you will have to watch your children with them in-case they stick them down there throat and REAL knives are defiantly NOT safe your child might stab their selves with the knife don't give it to them

Cetirizine and paracetamol has got different type of pharmacokinetics. You can combine both the drugs once a day. Paracetamol may have to be given more frequently. I personally like to give older and known safe antihistamine drugs to children. I prefer to give syrup Promethazine to children. It gives the desired sedation to children in febrile condition. Children tend to be irritable in febrile conditions.

A safe diet for a child of any age would be to give them as much healthy foods as possible. For example, instead of giving a child a bag of chips, or cookies for dessert, maybe give them an apple with peanut butter, or celery with ranch dip. It is a safe and healthy alternative.

No, it is not safe for anyone to drink energy drinks. Let alone children.

Yes there is a version for children and it is safe as long as you follow instructions like with all medication.

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