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yeah, my aunt is a nurse and she says its fine

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Q: Is it safe to become pregnant after gallbladder surgery?
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Is it safe to to take Tylenol before surgery for gallbladder removal?


Is a gallbladder surgery risky?

There is almost no risk in gall bladder surgery. You are in safe hands.

Is it safe to be pregnant after gallbladder surgery?

It should not be a problem. Consult with your physician, but the lack of a gall bladder should not affect your ability to safely reproduce.

Is it safe to drink wine before gallbladder surgery?

Ask your doctor.

Is gallbladder surgery dangerous?

The gall bladder surgery is a major surgery. But in expert hand it is very safe. Please do not worry about it.

Is it safe to have surgery to reline your jaw while pregnant?

Avoid surgery that is not necessary when pregnant. Sedation can have side effects.

Is it safe to have a cataract surgery for pregnant women?

Pregnancy and cataract do not go hand in hand. But then you can go for the cataract surgery when pregnant. Only thing that you should inform your doctor that you are pregnant. And avoid the surgery in first trimester.

How soon after a surgery is it safe to get pregnant?

I'd say wait about 3-5 months just to be safe.

Is spine surgery safe for pregnant women?

With my resources there seems to be no issues with a pregnant woman having spinal surgery. Only in rare cases this type of surgery causes the placenta leak.

Had surgery not knowing you were pregnant?

It is not as 'unsafe' as one might think to have surgery whilst pregnant, however it does help if you're aware that you're pregnant before you have the surgery. As soon as you become aware that your pregnant and have had surgery, it's worth getting an ultrasound done to check that the fetus has not suffered any ill-effects - although most people would get an ultrasound when they find out that they're pregnant anyway. You may find it reassuring to know that it's now considered safe for a pregnant woman to undergo liver or kidney transplant surgery and still give birth to a healthy baby.

Is it safe to have a second laparoscopic surgery after you had your gallbladder removed that way?

Why wouldn't it be? I don't recommend letting a doctor convince you to have the gallbladder taken out again- in fact I'd suggest you report him to someone. Multiple abdominal surgeries are commonplace.

What is the most common conventional treatment for recurrent gallbladder attacks?

Surgical removal of the gallbladder (cholecystectomy ) is the most common conventional treatment for recurrent attacks. Laparoscopic surgery, the technique most widely used, is a safe, effective procedure

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