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Yes it is safe. Myspace has given outside websites permission to use Gigya posting tool to put layouts on profiles. If you don't want to auto post, just copy and paste the code.

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Where is Safe Mode in MySpace?

There's not really a safe mode. You can make it so that you can restrict how many people can visit your page such as only people Under 18 or Only Friends can View. Also, make sure that you don't enter any personal information on MySpace such as phone number, address, SSN, or anything like that. People can get around the blocks that you have and get your information.

Is MySpace safe for 13 year olds?

Myspace isn't safe for anyone. People can lie about who they are

How old do you have to be to have a MySpace?

To have a myspace you have to be 13 and older, but you have to be really safe.

Is it safe to enter personal information into a pop up window?


Is MySpace safe for children?

NO in my opinion you should be at least 18 to be on myspace.

How safe is MySpace?

Well, as a fact it can be dangerous. But, Myspace has features to set everything to private. So people hardly know you have myspace. :)

Is hotties for sale on MySpace safe?

HELL no!!!!!!!!

When shopping online which icon indicates that it is safe to enter your personal information?

Padlock or unbroken key icon indicates safe shopping online.

What website do you like better MySpace or Facebook?

FACE BOOK myspace is not safe at all go to you will see

It is always safe to enter personal information into a pop-up window?

no it is never safe. people are always hacking these days. too much technology!!

Why is MySpace bad?

because some girls do not know that myspace is not safe. any one could get on your profile even if it is private. hackers can find out where you live and other personal infomation. they also can use your photos that you save. myspace is not safe and i dont recomend it.

Is MySpace safe for kids?

myspace is a safe place for kids as long as you DO NOT say anypersonal things such as names state or anything like that But long as its not like 10 or below kind of kid its fine.

My daughter wants a MySpace and i want your opinion. should a 10 year old girl have a MySpace?

MySpace can be a safe place to be if your Child makes the right choices while in the website! It really all depends on the Child's decisions, and how he/she decides to use MySpace! MySpace can be a safe place to be if your Child makes the right choices while in the website,like how old ,where from and having a private profile.

Is MySpace safe?

Myspace is a very safe way to talk to people on the internet. The only reason it might not be safe is because some people request the wrong friends and things could get out of hand. It safe but you have to be careful on who you request and don't just request any random person because they look cool. If you do have a myspace, make sure to request Justin Bieber, because he is a sweet boy.----------------------------------- Myspace is not that safe nor twitter, facebook is much safer.Myspace and twitter can get hacked into.Don't believe me? email me at IlOvEjUsTiN agree with the second entry. Myspace is very unsafe and so is twitter. Facebook rocks. One comment; Are you mental people? Justin Beiber STINKS bad.

What is better facebook or myspace?

face book because it's safe

What sort of MySpace color codes are available?

There are many kinds of Myspace color codes that are available to use on Myspace. Of the 216 browser safe codes that are available, they include red, blue, and green.

Is it safe for kids to have a MySpace?

It is most certainly safe to have my space for kids. If the child is under 13 it should have supervision from a parent.

Can MySpace Facebook and xanga etc. be safe?

I made a myspace but I deleted it as soon as I got it! I would just ask your parents or someone you trust.

Which is safer Myspace or Twitter?

Both are equally safe as they have the option of having a private account.

It is always safe to enter personaal information into a pop up window?

No because it could be someone who's just taking it and putting it to bad use.

How do you enter Safe 2 code?


Is it safe to pay for merchandise online with an online checking account?

Yes, it is very safe to pay online IF the company you are purchasing from is a secured company. They will have that information for you before you enter any pertinent account information. If they are not a secure site, do not purchase online, ask to pay via postal service.

Is foopet safe?

It is completely safe just read the parent link when you enter the site.

How do you enter safe mode while windows is loading?

Press and hold F8 as it starts up. You'll enter a menu where you can select Safe Mode. If you wish to still access the Internet with Safe Mode, then choose Safe Mode with Networking.

Is my personal information safe if I apply for unemployment online?

Your information is safe. Check the websites security policy for more information.

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