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Yea. It just isn't safe to microwave it or make it hotter, because the minerals in the plastic bottle container will leak into the water with heat, making the water unhealthy.

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Yes, I do it all the time. Thaw in fridge for 2 days, shake before drinking.

Fill bottles to about 3/4 way to top. You must leave room for expansion. Tighten cap and place in freezer at least 6 hours before you need them.

they stay in a landfill for evur. they are not biodegratavle. the lides to plastic bottles cannot be recycled. if you freeze a waterbottle (including its liquid) when it melts it gives off parts of the plastic in the liquid. they are part of the reason of global warming.

Yes it is very safe. If you freeze water in a plastic bottle, the only thing that will happen is the water might be half freezes and half water. But most of it will be frozen I guarantee

Because there are really bad chemicals in plastic. Don't freeze water bottles or leave them out in the sun because the chemicals leak into the water that you consume.

yes you can but if the contents is say coke then it may pop because of expansion durind the cooling process

yes it is because there are many of chemicals on which the water bottle its' self has. when you freeze it then more and more new chemicals form. so dont drink or by frozen water bottles, juice, and or soda.

Yes, they are.Many people including me put some water or some form of liquid (orange squash) into the plastic bottle then into a freezer to freeze.But be careful as a liquid turns into a solid it may become slightly bigger. So do not fill it right to the top!

It is very bad to freeze water bottles because some of the chemicals leak in to the water when they are melting after they are frozen. I do not recommend freezing your water bottle

It isn't bad to freeze them, unless you fill them up too high; water expands when it freezes, so just be sure to leave enough room towards the top to prevent the bottle from cracking open.

Freeze soda bottles and put them in the cage.

Neither cans nor bottles should be frozen. Cans will expand and deform, and bottles will crack.

Yes you can. We live a long way from the shops and buy milk only once a week. We put the plastic bottles in and freeze them and as required, take one out and let it thaw overnight. Just don't try and speed up the thawing by putting it in a microwave....

YES! You can freeze outside when the weather permits, no matter how drunk you are or warm you feel from drinking alcohol.

Water gets freeze in a can rather than plastic container because plastic sis a non conductor of heat and chillness.

Yes you can I have it on good authority that you can freeze anything. You can even freeze your posterior off in really cold weather. So be careful!

Plastic does not freeze, trust me I have tried it! Polyethylene, polyurethane and the rest of the hydrocarbon polymers are non-cyystalline solids. They, by definition, have no freezing point.

no u have to freeze it in a plastic box

Canned tuna can be frozen in plastic freezer bags or containers. Just thaw the frozen tuna before use.

Yes, you can freeze stuffing before cooking it.

I freeze water bottles then put them with the bunny and they lay next to it.

Yes. It may even freeze faster in glass:)

Yes it is possible to freeze the reusable water bottles overnight. One tip is not to fill it all the way. When water starts to freeze it expands, and if you fill the water bottle completely full, it could explode.

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