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It is very safe. Their will be no problems If you already have your navel pierced and become pregnant it is safe to keep the piercing in if you're pregnant. There are maternity retainers that flex with the growth of your belly.

Any piercing can become infected, navel piercings have a higher chance of infection than most others, because of the vicinity that it is located at since most people neglect to keep the area clean. Being on Birth Control pills won't change the chance of infection, or make an infection more or less harmful.

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Q: Is it safe to get a navel piercing or other piercings while on the birth control pill?
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Why do navel piercings reject?

Its not just navel piercings that can reject, its all piercings! Its a risk you take when you get the piercing done. Your body simply sees the piercing as a bad thing and pushes it out, You can try again with the piercing but it is not recommended in the same place.

What gauge navel piercing?

Most navel piercings are done at a 14 gauge. the normal length for navel piercings is between 3/8 and 7/16 of an inch

What is the most popular piercing for women?

The most popular piercing for females is either lobe piercings or, in recent times, navel piercings.

Is male navel piercing gay?

There are no gay,not gay piercings contrary to popular opinion.

How many piercings does Britney Spears have and where?

Britney Spears has three ear piercings on her right ear, 1-2 ear piercings on her left ear, and one navel piercing.

Do lip piercing become infected easily?

Actually, no. Oral piercings are among the piercings that rarely get infected; that is, if they are taken care of properly. The piercings that are the most prone to infection are the navel and ear cartilage piercings.

What piercing does Miley Cyrus?

I believe she has two lobe piercings in her right ear and two in her left, and one helix piercing in her left too. She has a nose piercing on her right nostril and a navel piercing.

How do you fix a crooked navel piercing?

All navel piercings are crooked to some extent. Now if yours is completely lopsided then it would be best to take it out and get it repierced.

What type of forceps should you use to pierce a navel?

If you have to ask this question then you shouldn't be piercing yourself. Save up and just go to a professional. Navel piercings are surface piercings and they need special care to avoid rejection.

Can piercings hurt the baby while pregnant?

It isn't the piercing that you should worry about. It's the possible contraction of diseases or infection from getting a piercing. If you already have a piercing, just keep cleaning it and be super careful to not get infections. Most older piercings should be fine but get a longer flexible bar for navel piercings.

Can a surface piercing be done using normal procedure eg belly button piercing?

Not sure what you're asking. Dermal piercings can be put in the same area as a standard belly piercing would. If you're asking if surface piercings are just like belly piercings, no. Technically, navel piercings are surface piercings. other surface piercings require a different shape bar or dermals if you use them. They're typically deeper too.

What does it mean when a girl has a belly button piercing?

It means she thought navel piercings look good and paid someone to do it to her. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and sometimes a piercing is because you like that piercing.

What do you do if your belly piercing is keep bleeding?

Just keep it clean. I dislike navel piercings because they are s-o-o-o-o-o hard to heal. Your navel is a hinge point on your body, and it's always in motion. Piercings that are being moved around all the time heal slowly if at all--consider a year to be a quick healing on a navel piercing. If you are very thin and very pretty, a navel piercing is really cute. But it's such a pain to deal with I'm not sure it's really worth it.

What are Navel piercing risks?

As long as you follow the aftercare given to you by your piercer, there are no risks involved in navel piercings. There are no nerves or viens in that area of your body. Edit: As far as i know, theres no definite risks. Infection is a probablitie for any piercing, and from my research, its quite common on naval piercings so make sure you keep it clean (:

Could you put a belly bar into a tongue piercing hole?

No a navel banana bell is not designed nor intended to be used in a tongue piercing. Tongue piercings are done with a straight barbell, the curve in the navel bell will cause trouble with the tongue piercing as well as being too short.

Do most belly button piercings cause scarring after pregnancy?

A navel piercing will cause scarring no matter what. Whether you got pregnant or not.

How long do you have to stay out of water after a navel piercing?

You can go swimming 72 hours after getting a piercing, just remember that it is important to wash the piercings after you have finished your days worth of water activities.

How do you bathe with a new navel piercing?

As you would without a navel piercing, just be sure the navel piercing is the last thing you clean before you exit the bath.

What are common body piercings?

Popular piercing sites include the ear, nasal septum, eyebrow, tongue, cheek, navel, labia, and penis.

Can navel piercing migation be down to growth What can happen if you get a navel piercing age 14 or 15?

Your question "Can navel piercing migration be down to growth" makes no sense.

Why is your belly piercing still sore?

I can't say my navel piercing/anti-navel piercing is sore, thanks for asking. >_<

Can a woman that's pregnant still keep her navel piercing in?

She can still keep her navel piercing in.

Why does your navel piercing get infected every time you change your ring?

Body piercings aren't meant to be. Your body probably isn't agreeing with what you're doing to it.

About navel surface piercings?


How long until a navel piercing heals Can an 11 year old get a navel piercing?

Its a surface piercing so It'll take at least 6-9 months to heal completely. You can change the bar after 2-3 months. Usually, 11 year olds cant get navel piercings. The youngest I've seen in a professional shop is 13. Just call around to local shops and see what they say :)