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There are no dangers to a no salt diet. All basic foods that you eat will have some salt already in them.

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Q: Is it safe to go on a no salt diet?
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Is salt water fish acceptable for a salt free diet?

just to be safe ........ no

Is it safe to go on a diet program?

Yes it is safe to go on a diet program but before you do you should check with doctor for the right one for you.Be sure to follow the diet right not hack to fit what you want to do.

Is it safe for a teenager to go on an all liquid diet?

No, an all liquid diet is harmful to the body

is the Dukan diet safe?

is the dukan diet safe

What exactly is a no salt diet?

A no salt diet is a diet that is low in sodium. By taking most of the salt out of your diet it decreases bloating and helps one lose water weight. It is a hard diet to maintain.

For a salt free diet can you use sea salt?

No, sea salt is still salt. If you really need a salt FREE diet, you can't use sea salt. If you need a LOW salt diet, then sea salt can be used sparingly just like any other salt.

How do you get a smaller belly for women?

After consulting your doctor to determine that it is safe to do so, go on a diet.

Is the South Beach Diet Phase 1 safe to follow?

The South Beach Diet Phase 1 is safe to follow on certain conditions. If you are pregant you should not being doing this diet. As long as you feel safe and comfortable while in the middle of this diet then you are fine. If you start feeling you can not do this or anything else, then stop using this diet. Go here to know Nutribullet recipes

Does the Alkaline diet work and is it safe?

Yes it does work if you go by the diet plan that they give you and only eat what it says.. You can see the first day on how this diet really works.. It is very healthy for you.. If you have ponds that you are wanting to get rid of I would try it.. Yes it is safe and does work.