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just cant swallow it

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Q: Is it safe to have human feces in your mouth?
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Is eating human feces safe?

No. Remember it is what is left after digestion, it is full of Ecoli bacteria and other germs you don't want to put in your mouth.

Are raccoon feces similar to human feces?

No, they do resemble cat feces but are a bit larger.

What happens if a dog eats human feces?

If a dog eats human feces, assuming that feces is free of parasites, nothing will happen. If the feces does contain parasites, these may infect the animal.

Can you get sick from touching human feces?

If human feces was in your dryer and you dried your clothes could you catch anything from it?

What are the diseases caused by human feces?

Typhoid Fever. Coming from drinking water contaminated by Human Feces.

What chemicals or virus is contained in human feces?

Human feces is composed of unusable food and million of bacteria.

Is human feces edible?


Is human feces nutritional?


If you puree feces and boil it is it then safe to eat or drink?

No feces is never safe to eat you can never kill all the types of bacteria and germs in there

What is average weight of human feces?

The average weight of human feces is 2.5 pounds. A person can produce 1 ounce of feces per 12 pounds of their body.

Why won't my dog eat its feces?

It puts a bad taste in it's mouth, would you eat your feces?

Is human feces safe to eat?

No. It is, afterall, the waste material that your body decided not to use. In addition to that, it is full of bacteria and could contain pathogens.

Is human feces hazourdous waste?

Human feces is definitely considered to be hazardous waste. You should not be messing with this material unless you have to.

Why is animal feces called scat?

Animal feces is called scat just to show that it is non-human. There are many other terms used for the term "feces" to show non-human feces. These are dung, droppings and spoor.

Which has more bacteria human anus or human mouth?

human mouth

What is the condition called when feces is expelled orally?

It is physically impossible for feces from the lower intestine to go back up the digestive tract to the mouth. The only way for feces to get to the mouth would be for a person to put it there. Expelling would be called "spitting out."

Where does human feces go?

In the Toliet

Can you get sick from breathing in human feces?


Do mushrooms grow in human feces?

I just came from my outhouse, and yes, there were mushrooms growing out of all the human feces in there. They were big ones.

Can you have feces come out your mouth?

No. Something is really wrong if that happens.

Why is a rat's feces so smelly?

For the same reason human feces does - Rats are omnivores. If a human and a ratty both ate lasagna for three days straight their feces would smell the same.

How are frogs mouth different form a human mouth?

Human mouth belongs to a human and frog mouth belongs to a frog.

What are the symptoms of breathing in human feces?

A foul odor & a bad taste in your mouth, followed by gagging. You should leave the area immediately and contact appropriate cleanup personnel.

Are a polar bear's feces white?

No. It is more like the color of human feces and that of other mammals.

What does toad feces look like?

It looks very similar to human feces, but much smaller.