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Is it safe to leave your computer tower on the carpet?

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2011-09-13 03:09:28

Probably not as the case needs the air to be able to circulate

around it , a PC runs hot and needs to cool itself with the fans

inside of it. Place it on a board if you must set it on the floor.

A carpet is an insulation and will keep some of the heat in. Cooler

is better with a computer.

Another factor that appears when a tower is located on carpet is

dust. Carpet caches dirt and dust better than most people think.

The airflow of your fans and cooling system inside your tower can

suck this into the case, covering the delicate array of electronics

over time. This may increase the running temperature of certain

processors, including your CPU, GPU and NICs which increases their

likelihood of failure. Dust covered circuits are also more prone to

static buildup, which may discharge and short components during

startup and shutdown of the tower.

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